To begin, allow me to say how incredibly fortunate I am to do what I do for a living.  In every corner of Muskegon County, I find the most unique people who specialize in something incredible and get to share their story.  Late last week, after a whirlwind of reschedules do to a "day job" I finally got to pay a visit to Dusty Klifman.  Dusty is a deep water explorer and that "day job" just happens to be with Consumers Energy as a lineman, so...he's been pretty busy making sure that the power was back on for all of us.  He operates a website and  video channel called "Blueyes Below".  From seeing the footage and meeting the guy....he brings astronaut quality to underwater exploration.

Laughter is the best medicine right?  Well, Dr. Ricarlo Williams is in the house and getting ready to present his first comedy festival in Muskegon which will feature acts from across the state and....there will be both free and paid opportunities to catch a show or two over the weekend of August 16th and 17th in Muskegon at a number of venues.  Some traditional, some not.  Which is an awesome way to bring comedy fans to places all over town they might not otherwise see.  We sat down with Ricarlo to catch up. 

For over 100 years now, the Muskegon Motorcycle Club has been promoting the sport of motorcycling and advocating for riders and their safety.  Along the way, they have also become one of Muskegon’s bigger organizations when it comes to charitable endeavors and community service.  Spending any time in and among the biker community, it’s a quick lesson in generosity and compassion, with cool tattoos and loud pipes.  We’re always happy to help spread the word when they get something going.  The 26th-28th of July is the National Pro Hillclimb!  Matt Luna joins to talk about the event.

Jenae Clayre Lodewyk, Miss Bay County from Bay City, was crowned Miss Michigan on June 15th, 2024. Over $25,000 in scholarship awards were given out during the two day competition in Muskegon, Michigan.

Today I have a question for all you purveyors of the strange and bizarre. Have you ever been watching T.V. or busy with some chore or another when suddenly out of the corner of your eye you catch a glimpse of something strange, a dark shadowy figure or mist. If so, you may have just seen a shadow being. Encountering one or more of these strange figures can be very unnerving, to be sure. In most cases we would question ourselves…did we really just see what we saw? Was it our imagination or was it something real?

We've been telling you about the Muskegon Boxing Club for a while.  It's as close to a perfect boxing gym as it gets.  It's old.  It's tucked away in a place you'd probably not know it's there if you were asked and inside of it, lives are changed daily through training, exercise, mentorship and good examples.  The key player making it all happen is Tony Stone.  He and his fellow boxing enthusiasts who help shape young people who would otherwise not have the role models they need while growing up are doing a very special job for those they serve, and they are looking for a hand this fall for their showcase event.

This month has already proved remarkable as we were treated to a rare cosmic event known as the Parade of Planets on the third. The parade of planets is where six planets all seem to line up in the early morning sky.
This spectacular display aligning Mercury, Mars, Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus and Neptune has a powerful effect on all the sun signs. For one, the combined energies of Mercury and Neptune strengthen their individual energies, enhancing our intuition and communication, giving us increased ability to better understand spiritual insights and truths.

It's our 3rd year out in the quaint and beautiful town of Ravenna to help spread the word about their annual town festival called Dog Daze and Cruise Night.  It would seem too that we came along to make some friends just in time when we did, because what's happening in Ravenna is truly awesome and to see the community coming together like they are and rallying behind the Ravenna Lions Club to help this one day event grow.... well, it's the kind of stuff movies are made about.  2024 sees Dog Daze move from a late Friday event to an all day Saturday event with more to do for everyone, and the invite for you to enjoy some small town charm, is right here.

Erika Bell is a little on the shy side.  She is also pretty tireless when it comes to giving kids something to do that will not only keep them occupied and out of questionable activities, she does it in a way that fills their day with fun and engagement in ways that others might not think of.  We first met Erika back in 2019 when she was putting on the Kool Kids concert at McGraft Park.  Now a days, she's got an entire building and more to bring kids together for a great time as well as some snacks and even outdoor fun!

They call themselves a "small but mighty" non profit organization in Muskegon, and like a lot of our non profits, they can use a hand here or there getting the word out about what they do and why, and when there's a fundraising event on the horizon, there's really no better time to stop in for a visit and catch you up on the mission and the purpose.  Mediation and Restorative Services is celebrating 30 years of peacemaking this year, and in July there's going to be a Through the Decades party to help bolster the funding for the work they do!