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On December 15th 2022 we celebrated the 81st commissioning anniversary of the USS Silversides SS-236 World War II Submarine at its retirement home at the Silversides Submarine Museum in Muskegon, Michigan. History were shared, it's horn was sounded and the engines were started to celebrate the special occasion.

At the Muskegon Channel we've prepared a very special video to celebrate SS-236's 81st birthday. History of the submarine narrated by museum staff, complete with historical photos, motion picture and sound bite, as well as a complete 2022 walk through from the after torpedo room to the forward torpedo room, purposely skipping all the close up details for you go to there to see it first hand and support the museum for the next 81 years.


The USS Silversides SS-236 is a World War II Gato Class Submarine commissioned on December 15th, 1941. The submarine is one of the most successful surviving submarines in the Pacific theater of WWII with 23 confirmed sinkings, the third-most of any allied World War II submarine, Which equals 90,080 tons of ships sunk. The Silversides caused 14 further damages on enemy ships plus other rescues, received a Presidential Unit Citation and a total of 12 battle stars. It's here in Muskegon, Michigan where you can walk inside this incredible piece of history "under water", along with the USCGC McLane (WSC-146) - a United State Coast Guard Active-Class Patrol Boat commissioned in 1927, complete with numerous naval exhibits in their in and outdoor facility. The USS Silversides Submarine Museum is located at 1346 Bluff St, Muskegon, Michigan, open all year round.

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