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The Starlight Room is the Muskegon areas newest premium concert experience.  It's also an incredible recording room for artists who are looking for audio, or video recording.  We're pretty honored to be part of the launch of the venue with Muskegon Tonight Live in their serene setting and relaxed atmosphere.  We held the show on the evening of August 24th and Unruly Brewing treated the crowd to a wonderful sampling of their Orange Julius brew as we talked to the Lakeshore Museum Center, The Muskegon Polish Festival and Scott Lewis from Lewis Adventure Farm and Zoo.  


The Lakeshore Museum Center is first.  Executive Director Melissa Horton and Event Coordinator Marci Dalm were delightful in sharing the story of the "museums" around the area that make up the entire Lakeshore Museum Center.  They share the story of the locations and how unique and special each one are as well as how museums have changed into a more hands on and interactive experience that young people enjoy.  Surprising is the amount in their collection that's not seen.  They also talk about their signature fundraiser every year, THE LUMBERBARON'S BALL which is coming up on Sept 9th and going to have an 80's twist to it.  Getting some tickets to this grand event is a great way to help support their work.  

The Muskegon Polish Festival sent a couple of really fun guests.  Donna Piasecki and Annie Moss not only came on to talk about the festival Labor Day Weekend in Downtown Muskegon, they shared a little museum quality history of their own.  They really had fun together opening up on some of their family history and then we got down to business on the festival itself and how it all came to be.  This will be 8 years of polkas, perogies, beer and togetherness.  Friday is free admission at lunch time and the rest of the weekend it will only be a $10 admission for those 21 and older as they hope to encourage a very family friendly event that we can all enjoy!

Scott Lewis from Lewis Adventure Farm and Zoo rounded out the talking this episode.  In the 20 years that they have operated this amazing place on M-20 just off US-31, they have grown from a picnic table selling cherries under an umbrella to a multi season attraction featuring about as many animals that were on the Ark.  They have also built a place that is about making lasting and forever memories.  For any age group a visit to Lewis Adventure Farm and Zoo is a feast for all of your senses.  Visually stunning, food creations that are off the charts great and wholesome entertainment for the entire family is what you'll find in the Fall Festival at Lewis'!

Finally, we close the evening with an exclusive.  We welcomed Y-Not Acoustics in to play in the round.  They will be in concert with a full house at The Starlight Room on August 26th and from the 2 songs they played for us, you are in for an exquisite treat to see their entire show.  Help this new venue in their launch, and check this incredible group of musicians out by getting some tickets and seeing them live in the round!  CLICK HERE FOR TICKETS