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The Mona Shores Choirs Singing Christmas Tree is a spectacle that was reserved for Muskegon fans of arts and culture for decades.  In 2018 The Muskegon Channel was given the chance to put a live stream of the show online to extend the spirit of the season and showcase the talent and commitment the choirs, orchestra, volunteers and fans had all known for so long.  We figured it would be an interesting challenge, and we knew as well that we'd need to push ourselves to grow with the chance to make it happen.


A quick look at what we've done?  Tens of thousands have seen the Singing Christmas Tree.  Roughly 30,000 for a more specific figure and it's been seen in 36 different countries around the world.  It's an almost unimaginable reach for us to be more than honest with you.  The staggering technology that's given us the ability to showcase Muskegon, the incredible young people who perform in this magnificent production and the Frauenthal Theater itself is beyond anything ever imagined once upon a time.  We would have needed hundreds of thousands of dollars in satellite equipment, filming equipment that would crush just about any budget to do it live properly and more people than we could afford to pay.

We bring in Emmy award winning photo journalists to help film.  If you've been around West Michigan long enough, the name Dan Salas should pop into your head.  He was "On the Michigan Road" with Dick Evans on tv way back when.  We also have Loring Video Productions in on it and Ember Simonis comes up from his work in Chicago to help.  The audio is perfected by Dan Reinecke at Pro Audio both in house and the feed to the stream.  Above all, Derek Wong.  Derek is our incredible director and producer of this entire event.  The level of skill, patience and perfection he puts in to the preparation and delivery of the program is simply on another level.  Day after day and night after night he's there watching every second of practice so when it's show time, he knows exactly where to call the shots.  This is truly Derek's moment every year, and in as much as he doesn't enjoy being "out front" there's no one else who could pull this off.  

You'll be able to watch two ways.  We learned early on about overloading a server, so....if you'd like to watch on THE MUSKEGON CHANNEL CLICK HERE 

If you prefer, we also have the program heading to YouTube.  CLICK HERE FOR THE YOUTUBE FEED.

It truly is a treasured gift to us to be able to bring this all together.  Not only for the community, but for these kids.  To be able to tell them at the end of Saturday night that they were seen all over the world, in a setting so beautiful and a production so powerful, well, that's the very best we can give any of our young people here in the Muskegon Area.  They might not see it now, but in the long run it's not about camera angles, or equipment used or the team that did it.  It's a softly spoken message to the next generation that they truly matter, and all that goes into this.....is an investement in them.

Enjoy a moment from last years show while you warm up for Saturday!  Saturday's show begins at 7pm Eastern Time for those watching around the world.