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One of the biggest highlights of 2023 had to be the return of the airshow to Muskegon.  Wings Over Muskegon was a huge success with fantastic crowds and beautiful weather to mark the occasion.  It was a test run to see if the return of the air show in Muskegon could be sustainable again, and it proved to be.  2024 will see the return of Wings Over Muskegon, tickets are on slae now at the lowest prices you will be able to get them and the first headliner acts have been announced. 

From their press release today - "Tickets for the 2024 Wings Over Muskegon Air Show go on sale today at https://wingsovermuskegon.com/tickets/. The show will take place August 9-11 and uses dynamic pricing, which means the lowest prices for general admission and parking are today and will incrementally increase once certain thresholds are reached. All tickets, including parking, must be purchased online. Organizers are able to keep prices at the 2023 levels and have added a number of ticket options for the Friday Twilight Show. Family-friendly pricing includes kids aged 15-years-old and younger are admitted free.

Exhilarating new performers have been added to the preliminary lineup. GhostWriter Airshows, never seen before in Muskegon, brings a “triple crown” of performances with a spectacular twilight performance, awe-inspiring skywriting and a tightly-choreographed daytime routine. Pilot Nathan K. Hammond started his love of aviation and airshows at an early age by soloing an airplane at 16 and receiving his pilot’s license at 17. GhostWriter,
Hammond’s airplane, is a 1956 deHavilland Super Chipmunk. Originally designed as a training aircraft for the Royal Canadian Air Force, GhostWriter was overhauled for two years by Hammond to perform at an elite level.
Also making a debut performance in Muskegon is Hayden Proffitt II in his Hot Streak II JetTruck. The grandson of legendary hall of fame dragster, Hayden Proffitt, and a 9-year military veteran, Hayden II brings tenacity and
showmanship together as he races the highly-modified ’57 Chevy pickup down the runway. The twin-jet engine Hot Streak II, with 25,000 horsepower, is capable of speeds over 350 mph, which makes it the fastest ’57 Chevy
pickup in the world. 

Returning for an encore performance is the U.S. Air Force A-10C Thunderbolt II Demonstration Team commanded by Commander/Pilot Major Lindsay, callsign MAD, Johnson. Performing superb close-air support for troops on the ground, the A-10 is highly maneuverable at low speeds and low altitude along with the ability to loiter for long periods of time, which make it a perfect air show demonstration aircraft. The twin-engine Thunderbolt II can be used against light maritime attack aircraft and all ground targets including tanks and armored vehicles. Affectionately called the “Warthog”, the A-10 has an impressive 30mm Gatling gun that can fire
3,900 rounds a minute along with laser guided munitions, Maverick and Sidewinder missiles. The USAF Thunderbolt II Demonstration Team hails from Davis-Monthan Air Force Base in Tucson, AZ.  Also returning to the lineup is the civilian four-ship formation squad, the Hooligans Flight Team. The four-ship team will consist of four T-34 Mentors, which were developed in the early 1950’s as a training aircraft for the United States Air Force and Navy. Successfully used for decades by the U.S. military, the Mentor was recently replaced by the T-6 Texan II. John Workman, Muskegon resident and charter member of the Hooligans, is also a pilot for Wings of Mercy, that provides transportation to medical destinations for patients who couldn’t otherwise afford it. His company, Eagle Alloy Inc., is sponsoring the Hooligan Flight Team at the Wings Over Muskegon Air Show.
The Yankee Air Museum, producer of Wings Over Muskegon, will offer Air Adventures on their World War II era aircraft along with their Vietnam era Huey helicopter. The bucket-list rides will occur on August 9-11 throughout
the air show weekend.

The Yankee Air Museum, in conjunction with the Muskegon County Airport and its professional management company, F3 Airport, are excited to continue the air show tradition in Muskegon after a successful launch in 2023.
The non-profit Yankee Air Museum assumes financial liability for the event and will use any proceeds to support the Museum and its flyable aircraft.

About GhostWriter Airshows: https://www.ghostwriterairshows.com/
About Hot Streak II JetTruck: http://smoke-n-thunder.com/
About USAF A-10 Thunderbolt II Demonstration Team: https://www.dm.af.mil/A-10-Demonstration-Team/
About the Hooligan Flight Team: http://hooliganflight.com/

About Yankee Air Museum: Established in 1981 the Yankee Air Museum is a non-profit 501 (c) (3)
organization. The Yankee Air Museum dedicates itself to educating individuals through the history of American
aeronautics, aerospace industry and its associated technologies while inspiring generations through personal
experiences to instill pride in our national accomplishments. Yankee Air Museum, located at 47884 D Street,
Belleville, Michigan on the grounds of historic Willow Run Airport. Visit www.yankeeairmuseum.org to discover
more or call 734-483-4030.