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Bringing a group together 16 or so years ago based on the idea that inclusion means everyone.  A daughter who wondered why she didn't have sleepovers like the rest of the kids in the family sparked the idea in Cyndi Blair that the kid was right, "why doesn't she get to do the same thing other kids do?"  As old as the story is, there's no stopping a mom on a mission.  Getting a few friends together for sports events became a regular thing and then came the miracles.  These kids began to interact with peers their age with more "normal" ability levels and the idea of "No More Sidelines" shattered all thoughts on what barriers meant.



Since the beginning, physical activity and togetherness was the first point.  From there, finding new ways to engage and bring about the idea that we're all more alike than we are different no matter what we see on the surface has been where the growth has happened.  From soccer and bowling to the intimacy of working to learn how to be in a stage play at the Frauenthal Theater with a shadow cast members assistance, seeing more in self and others has been a 2 way learning experience.  For the young people in No More Sidelines, they see in themselves more than they imagined.  For the peers they work with, they learn to value and grow from the different ways things work and come to a realization that normal, is kind of an individual thing...and there's a lot of wealth in that.  The take away is the wisdom gathered by all through the process, by all....there went the barriers or "sidelines".

The annual Set the Stage Gala is on tap for March 23rd at the Folkert Community Hub on Seminole Road. It's one of our communities most elegant affairs with a great menu prepared right in the industrial kitchen in the Hub.  There are silent auction items to bid on as well as live auction items like trips and one of a kind prizes.  You'll get to see the expansive set up that has been built for the use of the group as well as the entire community as the Hub is not only the home of No More Sidelines, it's also their way of learning skills, raising some money by renting out the space for parties and functions and more.  You can almost hear the heart beating on the inside of the place.  It's not just a building, it's an entity of it's own and from Muskegon, it's grown across the state.  We are the community who knows how to make it happen for everyone.  

Please, GET SOME TICKETS FOR THE PARTY.  Dave Kaechele and Andy O will be hosting the event and it's a night that will not soon be forgotten.  See you March 23rd as we "Set the Stage" one more time!

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