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It's been too long.  With the return of an airshow last year, Wings Over Muskegon proved that the fans of flight in West Michigan will come out in droves to be a part of the spectacle of aviation.  It had been nearly two decades since the closure of the former festival and a lot was riding on the turn out of the attendees last year.  Fans spoke loudly and with great excitement and the return of the show was a success.  With that, after a week or two of settling it up and seeing what was to come, year two began planning almost instantly.  With year two....a chance to bring in some more cool acts for the sky and an amazing opportunity to bring back another Muskegon favorite, Yard Sale Underwear. 



For years, Yard Sale Underwear entertained thousands with their brand of rock and funk.  After a hiatus in performing since 2021 Yard Sale Underwear was asked if they had the chance, would they play a festival the size of Wings Over Muskegon? The answer was a resounding “YES!” The band brings together the talented musicians Joshua Charnes, Footsy Rollins, Jeremy DeWitt and Tom Vallejo and their blend of “Pop, Rock and Funk” is an infectious and fun evening designed to please any music lover. With their final performance in September of 2021 being cancelled at the last minute as well, this gives fans a chance to celebrate the band as well as the return of the much loved air show in Muskegon. 

There's some added fun for the Friday night show too!  The Friday Night Twilight Show with the help of Howmet Aerospace is one simple price. $50 a car load. No additional parking fees or tickets, just $50 a car load so this is your chance to be inventive. Big cars or little cars, we know how to pack a car load night better than anyone in Muskegon…and the more you bring, the cheaper it is for everyone!  This is truly a great opportunity for everyone in the community to come out and enjoy the fun and festival like environment of Wings Over Muskegon.  

Wings Over Muskegon promises a bigger show this year.  Along with the addition of Yard Sale Underwear Friday night, there will be the return of the ability to ride in some remarkably historic aircraft.  The Hot Streak II Jet Truck will be making a run a few times up and down the runway and there's been more than one race between a truck and a jet at airshows over the years, maybe that's in the plan?   The food vendors will fill the air with the wonderful smells.  There will be all kinds of ground displays for people to see and interact with.  It's promising to be a weekend to remember.

To learn more about Wings Over Muskegon CLICK HERE TO VISIT THEM ONLINE.  

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