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The final curtain call was made and the experience filled a bucket or two!  Our old buddy Olaf, who was once a shelter dog, made his way into the world of entertainment yet again with his stage debut in "Annie" at Muskegon Catholic Central last weekend and there are hearts aglow all over from the experience.  Not only has Olaf become a star of the small screen here on Dog Blessed, but he's delighted more with his ability to adapt to new experiences and learn new things in a fairly quick fashion.  Jodi explains how it works this week on Dog Blessed. 


Olaf and Annie have stories that are similar to a degree.  Annie is an orphan as we all know and if you stop and think about a dog in a shelter, there's not a lot of difference.  Those days spent wondering if there's a place in the world for them and hoping that someone comes along that will see them for who they are and give them a chance.  It's really the essential moment we need as any living creature.  That love and a little guidance.  Annie got Daddy Warbucks and Olaf got Jodi.  While one is more than likely a little more "well heeled", money isn't everything and the love put in comes back 10 fold as we've seen with Olaf. 

Attention and commitment are the keys to building that lasting relationship with your pet and strengthening the bond.  Jodi's mission is to help people and pets live their best lives, together.  Part of teaching is continued learning and to being Olaf into the setting of so many new faces, lights, music, dancing, singing and a crowd out in front of it all?  That's a huge learning experience, for both pet and pet owner.  In building the bonds she has, Olaf knew he'd be ok and that while things were different and new, it was part of the adventure, so he came off with flying colors.  The entire theater group welcomed both Jodi and Olaf in with open arms and the play was a success by all accounts.  It's a testament to love, devotion - patience and perseverance and it's why Jodi is here week after week to help you get to the same place with your pet!

Our thanks to Clock's Timeless Pets and Must Love Dogs Pet Boutique in Grand Haven for their sponsorship of Dog Blessed on the Muskegon Channel. 

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