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​On this week's extended version of the Dog Blessed show, Jodi was honored to have Dog Master Sherri Davis and Executive Producer Owner, trainer of Diesel aka REX from the show “Hudson and Rex”. If you are not familiar with this show it is not only Jodi’s favorite show, it is an action-packed one-hour police, detective drama focused on the partnership between detective Charlie Hudson and his partner Rex on City TV and in America UPTV.  When Jodi contacted Sherri, the TV show was not the only purpose Jodi had in mind.


Jodi’s rescue dog Olaf, was recently in the production of Annie. Olaf’s story portrays from cage to stage, a similar story to Rex. Jodi was very touched by the story of Rex a.k.a. Diesel, a dog that was returned and his talent overlooked. With love added to the mixture Diesel became a world recognized star.  Sherri teaches many kinds of animals on set with respect and keeps training fun. This is something Jodi admires very much and resonates with.  Jodi also admires and agrees with another message Sherri conveys to our youth, our future leaders, that volunteering at a shelter and working with a pet can be life changing.

Tune in to this week's show with some amazing information and laughs of dog love and knowledge from 2 women who love animals. Jodi wants to thank Sherri and Rex for taking time out of their very busy schedule to be a part of this week's show. This week’s show also features three shepherd mixes up for adoption at Big Lake Humane in honor of our special guests Sherri, and Diesel!

We'd like to thank Must Love Dogs and Clock's Timeless Pets for their support of Dog Blessed on the Muskegon Channel.  

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