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A night out to enjoy some laughter and fun with friends is always a welcome distraction.  If you can make that an evening of purpose while you're enjoying the laughs, it's all the better and this coming Friday night, April 12th at the Overbrook Theater at Muskegon Community College, you'll get to do just that.  Marty Simpson is bringing his dry, but clean comedy stylings to Muskegon for one show only and the benefit the Life Long Learning Fund.


Richard Vanderputte-McPherson has been with Muskegon Community College for about a month now and our work with Richard at the Boys and Girls Club of Muskegon was more than enough to know that if Richard says there's a need, and a pretty great time coming up to fill it, he's not kidding.  Bringing in a tope tier comic to do a show in the intimate setting of the Overbrook Theater is an outstanding way to be a little "out of the box" when it comes to raising a few bucks as well as some much needed laughter for people.  Laughter too that's "clean comedy" with a very dry approach.  Something I am not sure that I can combine the disciplines of just yet.  This Marty Simpson guy must be good.  

This fundraising event is co-hosted by the MCC Center for Experiential Learning and the Foundation for Muskegon Community College/Alumni Relations. All proceeds support the Lifelong Learning Fund which will allow MCC to provide continued access to free or reduced-cost opportunities for learning to the community, including speakers, cultural trips, and more.  Where we might not have all of the buckets of culture to fill with in Muskegon, this is the fund that makes it possible for learners to get the hands on experience they can use to build an associative understanding of the career paths they have chosen and to see them in a practical application.  If they should need a hand to make that happen, MCC's fund for that is there to help.  It's an amazing give and a way to live up to their commitment to the idea of "Of Course You Can", removing barriers from those seeking to fulfill their educational goals.  

Purchasing tickets to the show is a GREAT way to help out and they are only $40 each.   We hope to see you there for a night of laughter and support for Muskegon Community College!                                             

Purchase Tickets: https://mccoverbrooktheater.ludus.com/200446668

Check out a sample of Marty performing!  


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