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It's been a couple of weeks getting going.  Like any new endeavor and major shift in life to get things where you want them is the key and then to get the word rolling out about the place is the next step.  The Black Lotus Tavern in Holton has the renovations complete, the food is dialed in and there are some extra surprises you'll find there too.  Up till dinner time it's a very family friendly setting and as the evening continues, there's a great new party spot on 120 with live music, an outdoor patio and a new staff waiting to meet you and show off what's been created.


M-120 is seeing some growth.  Holton itself has some new energy in it as well with a very strong committee running Holton Days and being very innovative in their work to give a small town festival a big city feel with all the amenities that you'd see elsewhere but in the comfy confines of the community where there are still going to be things like water balloon fights and frog jumping contests involved.  To see some new retail opening and now a great spot to stop and wet your whistle and enjoy some incredibly tasty food...well, it stands to reason that as the county grows, so does Holton.  

The Black Lotus is owned by Chris and Tara Lynn.  Mike Lynn is a partner too and Mom Char is there to keep both of those two in line.  They were flipping houses when the idea came along that there was an opportunity for a business that they could flip or maybe work on and keep and after a short talk, it became an entire family project.  Refurbing the interior and the menu were the first priorities.  Setting the atmosphere up to be open and inviting with plenty of room for a dance floor and a band or a dj.  Maybe even make it possible for a comedy show from time to time and then and again and with the sweat equity put in, and the commitment made to assuring that the food is on point, and even gets a kick from some friends in the hamburger business on 3rd street downtown...we've got a new spot for everyone to take a drive and enjoy a night out.  We might even see if there's a Hamburger Mikey take over the kitchen for a night at some point.  Whoops....you were sposed to be engrossed in the video to find out who the secret downtown connection was.

For a look at the menu, the hours and entertainment lineup, CLICK HERE TO VISIT THE BLACK LOTUS FACEBOOK PAGE.  The Lynn family has sunk so much pride, energy and effort in to this new place, stop by and enjoy the offerings and tell some friends.   

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