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We've been a proud part of the push for the Grand Haven Rib Fest for a while because taking care of those who were willing to make the ultimate sacrifice for all of us is the right thing to do.  Add in the fact that this is the largest event for the VFW Post 2326 in Grand Haven and as they have built and grown this baby, they have become one of the more predominant activities on the West Coast of Michigan with not only the BBQ competition itself, but the entertainment and the "beverage" tent that has no cost to get into and we all know one thing....free is good.  


Michael Baawu is the organizer of the event in Grand Haven and is the Director of the Muskegon County Department of Veterans Affairs.  We've been working to help spread the word with him for this incredible event for a few years now and to have seen the success it continues to build is amazing.  The purpose is unquestionable as the funds raised goes to help the Veterans of West Michigan in so many ways.  From taking residents of the Grand Rapids Home for Veterans out for a day to helping provide clothes for them to supporting programs and services that are essential to help them get the compensation they need as well as the benefits available for the survivors of Veterans.  Michael and his staff pour every ounce of energy possible in to helping serve those who served and to ask a day of eating delicious ribs, while drinking beer and getting down with awesome music, I think anyone can support that idea.  

Friday night is the opening of the fun.  Doors open at 4.  It's a teaser for Saturday!  There will be music from Muskegon's Uneek beginning at 6 then Joe Johnson and the Blue Backs take over at 9.  Saturday 11a is when things get underway and there will be a line up of three acts throughout the day.  Todd Dunham starts at 2p.  Then American Hair at 6 followed by Project 90 at 9.  This is a line up that's got something for everyone and the food competition will assure that all of the presenting vendors are on the top of their game to provide the best they can.

Mike and I spend a few minutes catching up on the Muskegon Veterans stuff too.  The Stand Down will be back in September and to see that more people are seeking out and makinjg the best use of Muskegon County and the help provided for the Veterans and their partners is a sign that things are really going in the right direction.  We promise ya this, there's NO ONE more dedicated to the welfare of our Veterans than Mike, and that's what keeps us behind his work no matter where he's doing it.  

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