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They call themselves a "small but mighty" non profit organization in Muskegon, and like a lot of our non profits, they can use a hand here or there getting the word out about what they do and why, and when there's a fundraising event on the horizon, there's really no better time to stop in for a visit and catch you up on the mission and the purpose.  Mediation and Restorative Services is celebrating 30 years of peacemaking this year, and in July there's going to be a Through the Decades party to help bolster the funding for the work they do! 


Jackie Hallberg and Sarah De La Rosa are with me today to talk about their organization. From their website - " It is the mission of Mediation & Restorative Services to create a restorative community by providing conflict resolution through facilitation, mediation and training.   It is the vision of Mediation & Restorative Services that all conflicts be resolved in a manner that is effective, respectful and restores relationships."  Essentially, if there's a dispute within a family, community or workplace, Mediation and Restorative Services is there to help facilitate a resolution that can help address the issue and hopefully leave everyone involved with a feeling of an amicable solution to the dispute and help avoid the cost and frustration of litigation and the load in the court system.  

Mediation and Restorative Services also works with the Exit program to help those who have been incarcerated make the adjustment back to life out from behind bars which can prove to be an overly huge task for some.  The idea of going from what you once knew, to a lock up then back out only to find that falling back into the same crowd and habits only repeats the cycle.  It's a term called recidivism and to stop that cycle of people in jail is what it's all about.  The work that goes on is truly what second chances are all about and it's the acknowledgement of humanity to say "ok, you messed up, let's try a new way" that sets us a part.   

The party itself will be great.  The Delta by Marriot is the host and the music will progress from the 20's through now with Jodi Dro handing the fun.  Tickets are $60 and that includes dinner and entertainment.  You can come in a themed outfit or more and of course, bring some friends, the more the merrier.  There are still some great sponsorship opportunities as well.  CLICK HERE for tickets and sponsorship availability. 

Disputes are a fact of life.  Escalation of disputes happens too.  The important thing to remember is that resolution doesn't have to cost thousands and employ the court system to get them settled.  There are ways to address the issues and handle conflict with Mediation and Restorative Services that have great impact and can help ease the tension for those they serve. 

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