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This month has already proved remarkable as we were treated to a rare cosmic event known as the Parade of Planets on the third. The parade of planets is where six planets all seem to line up in the early morning sky.
This spectacular display aligning Mercury, Mars, Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus and Neptune has a powerful effect on all the sun signs. For one, the combined energies of Mercury and Neptune strengthen their individual energies, enhancing our intuition and communication, giving us increased ability to better understand spiritual insights and truths.

The combination of Mars and Jupiter inspires bold action toward our collective spiritual growth, wisdom and understanding. Saturn and Uranus energies combine to add structure to our creative energies as well as nurture innovation. Overall, this unique alignment will serve to expand our awareness, cultivate a spirit of harmony and enlightenment as well as encourage us to trust our inner voice.
Here’s how this alignment affects the signs.

Aries, you may experience the desire for luxury, or feel the need to work through feelings of materialism. This inner work will shed light on the true meaning of this transit which lies in finding the right use of your material resources.

Taurus, with Mercury and Jupiter in your sign, there is potential for added progress, communication and prosperity. You may be more self-confident, motivated and better able to express your feelings and thoughts.

Gemini, you are able to express your ideas more directly and spontaneously at this time. You may, though, have a lot of ideas colliding with each other or skip from one topic to another. Seek balance and focus.

Cancer, for a time, your thoughts may turn to the deepest levels of your nature. You may feel inspired or visionary. This may be a good time to reflect on the deeper meaning of life, rather than its mundane aspects.

Leo, you may be quite insightful about your life at this time, especially in your relationships with others, and what importance these relationships hold for you in this lifetime.

Virgo, there is a serious and practical side to your personality right now. You are quite driven to be ambitious and perhaps a bit materialistic. You may benefit from taking the advice from others in these matters.

Libra, you may be overly concerned about details in your life right now. There may also be some worry about your health. Seek to bring your inner and outer life into more mindful harmony.

Scorpio, this can be a time when you revisit your childhood past and early years. This phase of reintegration and transformation is in order to emerge more whole. Your foundational beliefs may undergo changes.

Sagittarius, this may be a great time for you to make progress in relationships as things are working out more easily. You are also growing your connections in the world of art, and take pleasure in creative pursuits.

Capricorn, you are in the process of concentrating on your communication skills in order to more fully appreciate them. You are focused and can concentrate on any studies you choose to undertake.

Aquarius, at this time you are reflecting on your values, especially where there may be difficulties with a desire to possess, seek to be aware of over-rating the importance of material things.

Pisces, you may be very sensitive for a time or discontented with life. Your self-image may seem insecure. Seek to pay attention to your inner voice, rather than the changing reflections of those around you.

Well that wraps up another Star report. Check back next month to see what the stars have in store for us in July, right here on Muskegon by the Stars! Until then, Please Remember…“The stars guide they do not compel and what you do is really up to you.” Namaste.

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