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We've been telling you about the Muskegon Boxing Club for a while.  It's as close to a perfect boxing gym as it gets.  It's old.  It's tucked away in a place you'd probably not know it's there if you were asked and inside of it, lives are changed daily through training, exercise, mentorship and good examples.  The key player making it all happen is Tony Stone.  He and his fellow boxing enthusiasts who help shape young people who would otherwise not have the role models they need while growing up are doing a very special job for those they serve, and they are looking for a hand this fall for their showcase event.


The Kenny Lane Classic will be at Smith-Ryerson Park on September 7th this year. It's a free to attend event for the community and a great way to showcase the work and dedication the boxers in the club have been putting in.  That time could be spent elsewhere.....getting into trouble, doing poorly in school, trying to live life a little faster than they should, but there's a special kind of magic that's brought out by this group of people who teach that boxing is so much more than just people hitting each other.  It's thought.  It's action.  It's patience and endurance and life skills that can really come from nowhere else.  Also, while you're here....you are struggling with algebra?  That guy over there is pretty good at it.  Let him help you get it right.  Peer support surrounds the learners as much as the coaching staff and within all that, a framework of life is built away from the bad things picked up on the street.

As a 501c3, the Muskegon Boxing Club relies on community support to continue their work.  The big event in September does cost about $5000 to put on and this is where our story is going today.  There are a lot of human need organizations out there, and yes, they are all asking for help, but this one is special and the help...it's really not that much if we all act together.  $5000 is the cost of the overhead.  Moving the ring, getting some shirts to sell and some food to offer.  Donations will come in at the show as well, but there's the idea of not only supporting the show, but the club itself too, so the work can continue.

If you are able to do a little something to help fund this program, reach out to Tony Stone.  This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. to email Tony.  You can also connect with the Muskegon Boxing Club through their FACEBOOK PAGE.