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With the current pandemic still holding on like it is, after the first of the year the US Government made a move to help those who need insurance coverage be able to get it through the Affordable Care Act with a special enrollment period that lasts from February 15th 2021 - May 15th of 2021.  This special enrollment period will allow individuals and families in states with Marketplaces served by the HealthCare.gov platform to enroll in 2021 health insurance coverage.  It's very much needed as we have all seen what impact can happen with our health in all kinds of situations.

Well, it's not a message of gloom and doom this week as we speak with Kathy Moore who's the Director of Public Health - Muskegon County.  A momentary ZERO figure at Mercy Hospital with Covid.  How we are all overly fatigued on all things Covid.  The UK variant was found in the county, but it was handled appropriately.  A question from a viewer on finding variants.  How does it work?  The pace of Muskegon's vaccination is improving, learn some more.  The low average numbers for a while and things are in the right direction.  Stay safe!

It's our partnership with Mercy Health that affords us the incredible opportunities to bring the most incredible guests right to you when it comes to health and wellness in Muskegon.  I mean, it's not every day you get to sit down and speak with a Structural Heart Specialist like Dr. Noah Thormeier.  Not only do you get the chance to talk with him, it's not limited to 30 second sound bytes that may leave you with more questions than answers.  It's an amazing way of engagement and we're so thankful to the organization and the good Dr. for the time.

Up and at 'em and let's get to another glorious week kicked off by the one and only Fit and Healthy With Becky!  It's been a great way for Becky to continue her passion for fitness for all and to help stem the tide of all the shutdown's and restrictions and the difficulties they have caused for so many.  While all the numbers are down and the restrictions lift, things are slowly creeping back to normal.  The Gym in North Muskegon is once again open, as are other work out facilities, but...we were into home workout programs before they were even cool.  So, here we are to get this week started again!

It's a Sunday morning and it's a chance to decompress a little.  We welcomed Caitlin Anderson at the beginning of 2021 to assist with that and to help her get her feet planted a little as she works to grow her life's passion of sharing yoga with people and one day, maybe open a studio to complete her dream one day soon.  Opening a studio at the moment?  Might be a little on the challenging side as we're riding out the tail end of all we've been through, but hey, we can adapt and Caitlin has too offering more personal experiences via digital classes and introductory segments like you'll see here today.

It's a time to remember. Would like you to think back to when you were little and first forming your thoughts about going to the Doctor for any number of things.  Maybe is was a check up, maybe it was for those shots we all had to have as kids, or maybe you were a kid that needed a little more attention.  Those formative years probably dictate how you see visiting a Dr. now and how you were treated, that can continue to have an impression.  Today, I got to do something most grandparents don't, I got to visit with a Pediatrician and we talked a little about the importance of making sure that your kids are still being seen for all the "normal" kid stuff while they are growing up and we talked too about some of the extenuating circumstances that he as a physician sees today.

Kathy Moore, Director of Public Health - Muskegon County joins us for her update on Feb 17th. Numbers are averaging down, it's a sigh of relief. Doesn't mean all bets are off when it comes to safety needs. Supply is short and coming in as fast as it can. The question about vaccine lists and how to get on them. There are a few. Great info here. We try to clear up some of the confusion around who and when gets their shot. How fragile are these vaccines? It's all been a moving target for almost a year. It continues to change all the time. Kathy asks that you help those who might not know how to get on a list to be vaccinated. We close for this report. 

Winter finally hit us.  For some, enduring the pandemic has been hard.  The days grew short over the last few months and the never ending cycle of everything we see in traditional media......it's getting to the point of needing to blow off some serious steam and a stationary bike might not exactly be enough of a release.  It's time to use physical fitness to hit something!

We're back on a Sunday and that means a super chill start with some Tranquil Waves Yoga With Caitlin Anderson.  This is a great way to clear your mind, set a relaxed pace for the day and the week and maybe even try something out new in the comfort of your own home before you take it to the next level.  Super cool too that your helping Caitlin as she's working toward her goal of opening her own yoga studio some day here in town where the masses will attend and grab some collective Zen while practicing this ancient discipline.

Was the invention of dumbbells the greatest step in the history of working out?  It might very well have been because Becky is able to find more things to do with them than just about any other implement in The Gym on the 4 Corners in North Muskegon and she's here today to help put them to use for the betterment of everyone in this weeks episode of Fit and Healthy.

If you can't pronounce it, it's gotta be good when it comes to yoga right?  Hey, it's all new to us as well and Caitlin Anderson is here with another episode of Tranquil Waves Yoga on the Muskegon Channel.  This week, the discipline is called Ujjayi Pranayama.  It's pronounced "ooh-JAH-yee prah-nah-YAH-mah".  You'll want to fill your lungs completely and breathe through your nose.

An update from Kathy Moore Director of Public Health - Muskegon County about COVID here for February 3rd. Some numbers. Our death rate is higher still than surrounding communities, why the disparity? Vaccination rollout is going, but it's understood everyone is in a rush. Patience is asked. None of the new strains have been identified in Muskegon yet thankfully. Over all, communicable diseases are down, like the flu, Kathy explains why. Restaurants, school sports. Hopes that more vaccine soon and know that everyone is all on on getting things moving as fast as it can.

We take great pride in our relationship with Mercy Health in Muskegon and the thousands of people who make the organization what it is.  We have world class health care available to all of us, right here in a fairly small community and the fact that we don't have to travel far for much, is a great blessing to all of us. 

You are ready to roll right?  It's a great new week and a great new episode of Fit and Healthy With Becky on the Muskegon Channel.  We're at The Gym in North Muskegon, safely distanced and practicing all the safety protocols to bring you the workout you need in the space you're most comfortable in.  No matter where you are, it's important to keep up on your fitness and as we have hopefully turned the corner on all the mess we've been through, you can keep using Becky's workouts until you are comfortable in getting back to a facility, or...maybe you just like the privacy of your place.  Either way, she's here for ya!

This week, it might be something we've never seen before.  Becky's found herself a 9 pound weighted bar to add to the mix and she's going to show you the way around this implement.  You might be rowing, you might be dipping, you might be pressing, you might be balancing!  Did you ever think you could do so much with a pipe filled with 9 pounds of cement?  That's all it takes and Becky is going to show you the multitude of ways.  Don't have one?  Don't worry about it!  Like any of the workout's Becky brings, adaptation is key.  Maybe find a broom handle?  Is there a pool cue?  Got an oar from a kayak out in the shed?  Anything will do, just DO IT!

It's important that you consult a Dr. before you begin this or any work out program!  Remember to warm up, stretch out and drink plenty of water!!

Here comes episode 176 of Fit and Healthy With Becky on the Muskegon Channel, brought to you by Mercy Health.



How'd that feel? Great job!  Keep coming back!  As things ease up in the pandemic too, Becky is back to some smaller group activities at The Gym in North Muskegon. If you are interested in that or maybe a little more one on one help Becky is the one to call!!  You can find her website below to learn more about what she offers as a Certified Personal Trainer.  We'll be back next week with another new episode and of course, you can always catch Fit and Healthy With Becky on your big screen.  Get the Muskegon Channel for your Roku or Amazon Fire TV device today!  They are free from your channel store.

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We hope your Sunday is met with peace and ease of mind.  Caitlin Anderson is here to add to it if so, and if not, maybe try what she's got going on this week with her yoga and find it.  It's a great way to let a little peace of mind in to your world while moving your body in a holistic approach to wellbeing.  One thing is for sure, she's out to show the world the benefits of this ancient art.

Kathy Moore from Public Health - Muskegon County comes in with her weekly update. We being with some truly incredible news about Muskegon coming together to help. The weekly statistics of all things COVID. Understanding frustrations people are feeling and where the data comes from. Restaurants and bars reopen Monday, some thoughts. Clinics to come and some of the things that are working and what's challenging. The waiting list for a call to be vaccinated is long, patience is being asked and we'll update you again no later than next week.  If you'd like to know more about the volunteer opportunities for the upcoming clinics through the United Way of the Lakeshore, you can click on the logo jest below our talk with Kathy Today. 

The request has been made and while all the ramping up is going on, so are the needs for some volunteers to assist with the vaccination clinics that are happening in Muskegon.  The United Way of the Lakeshore is at the point helping coordinate the efforts.  The need is for both people to help with things like administrative efforts and site help to even going as for as finding those with the proper training that can be called upon to get shots into arms as the supply of vaccine makes it's way to Muskegon.

 It's a new week with plenty of new opportunity and Becky is here with an all new episode of Fit and Healthy With Becky brought to you by Mercy Health!  We're here weekly for you with a great workout to help you keep in shape, pass some time until you're comfortable going back to a workout facility or maybe you just like the privacy of working out at home, with a Certified Personal Trainer at the time that works best for you!  Whatever the reason, the great thing is you're doing it!  We're thankful you're here!

Welcome back to another episode of Tranquil Waves Yoga on the Muskegon Channel with Caitlin Anderson.  This is our 4th episode and Caitlin is sharing her passion for yoga with us in the hopes that people see that her practice is so much more than ways to move and stretch.  Yes, they are sure that...but this art has been treasured by so many the world over for centuries for all of it's benefits, mind body and spirit.

Public Health - Muskegon County Director Kathy Moore speaks on COVID in Muskegon for January 20th. Our current numbers of infected, recovered and lost. Muskegon is experiencing a higher death rate still than surrounding counties. How do counties share data? Kathy directly addresses the missed order in Muskegon County. Will the vaccine distribution speed up, there's hope for sure. How Muskegon works together on so much to make sure needs are met.

It's time to get up and at 'em!!  Fit and Healthy With Becky is brought to you by Mercy Health.  It's a wonderful relief that gyms and exercise facilities like our flagship location The Gym in North Muskegon are once again beginning to see some group activity and restrictions lifted.  The "normal" we all miss so much is still a ways off, but for some it's a great opportunity to once again be among friends and motivators to keep fitness at the forefront and your overall health good.  Fit and Healthy With Becky is also a great way for you to keep on keepin' on if you're not quite ready for a return!  But when you are, we highly recommend The Gym on the 4 Corners in North Muskegon!

It's a new episode of Tranquil Waves Yoga with Caitlin Anderson.  It's a great way to focus on you, your peace of mind and overall wellbeing.  We hope is a great addition to our programming line up and a way for you to maybe try something new, or a way to continue the discipline in the safety of your home as things begin to ease up on restrictions.

Mercy Health Muskegon and Public Health – Muskegon County hosted a discussion to update media and business leaders on the community’s COVID-19 response.

Kathy Moore from Public Health - Muskegon County updates us on COVID in Muskegon for Jan 14th. Where the numbers are of who's sick, hospital count and treated. How things have evolved in nearly a year of this now for everyone. Immunizations have begun and are continuing. We talk about the registration process and how that's working. How much of the vaccine has come to Muskegon and where it's gone. Mercy Health and Public Health will be hosting a meeting tomorrow that The Muskegon Channel will carry live online and on Channel 96 Muskegon television tomorrow at 11am.

As Muskegon works it's way into the second round of vaccinations, there's understandably some confusion about the procedure and who's eligible.  Dr. Justin Grill is the Chief Medical Officer at Mercy Health and he's joining us today to help explain what's needed, who's eligible at this point and you'll find a convenient link below which is directly connected to the registration to Public Health Muskegon to get the process started.  Please take not of what Dr. Grill has to say.

You know, the only dumbbell around Becky isn't the guy behind the camera!  Not even for a second.  Becky has more ways you can use a dumbbell than you can shake a stick at and the way's she's going to show you today are all about working those arms, legs and midsection.  Of course, yours are probably perfect right... (can you tell this is being written by the dumbbell behind the camera?)

It's a new week with Caitlin Anderson and Tranquil Waves Yoga on the Muskegon Channel!  We'd like to welcome back the hundreds of viewers from week one as well as anyone who might be trying it out for the first time!  Hey, we promise ya.  This isn't the kind of yoga that's going to get you into any kind of weird cult or far off world.  This is practical stuff that's designed to help you out on a few different levels. 

Happy New Year!!  It's time to shake it off and move it on.  Did you make a resolution to be more fit?  Are you already committed to staying in the best shape you can regardless of whatever gets thrown your way?  Look at it like this...you probably survived the worst year any of us will ever endure and you made it!  We all made it and we look back on the year that was and those we lost with reverence and hopefully some wisdom for the future.  All part of being Fit and Healthy. 

A new year and a new feature on the Muskegon Channel.  Caitlin Anderson operates Tranquil Waves Yoga in Muskegon and she's come to the Muskegon Channel to show off her passion and how the ancient practice of yoga benefits more than just your physical well-being.  It's an approach to your whole body, mind and spirit.  

With the new year we thought we'd add a little something to the mix when it comes to the well being of the audience.  We've done so incredibly well with Fit and Healthy With Becky that it was clear that there was room for some growth when it comes to health programs.  Becky will be kicking off every Monday with the energy, amps and hustle but Sunday mornings, it's going to be a totally different vibe.

Up and at 'em!  You might even have this week off and that's plenty good reason to get yourself in the holiday spirit by banging some barbells in the comfort of your own home as Becky is bringing you an awesome upper body work out this week and suggests a set of 10 pound dumbbells to help increase the benefits!  If 10 pounds is past your level, that's perfectly ok, work to your comfort level with 5's or 8's.  What's most important is that you do it and stick to it!  Hey, this week is all about gifts and stuff, so give the best gift to yourself you can by simply staying "Fit and Healthy".

We film at The Gym in North Muskegon.  Like so many other small business, The Gym is doing all it can to stay afloat.  It's an incredible little place filled with everything you need for an amazing work out complimented by a neighborly atmosphere and grown up approach.  You won't feel like a number at The Gym, you'll feel more like a true member and you'll see in short order that what they have on the 4 Corners in North Muskegon is truly a gem and a great place to get your work out on when you are comfortable returning to such a setting.  Mary and her staff are amazing.

Before we get rolling, let's remind ya.  Before you begin this or any workout, please consult your Dr.  Make sure you drink plenty of water, warm up and stretch out...here comes Episode 171 of Fit and Healthy With Becky on the Muskegon Channel.


Fit and Healthy With Becky is new weekly and available right here on the Muskegon Channel website, on the Muskegon Channel app for your Iphone or Android device or if you have a Roku of Amazon Fire TV device, you can get the Muskegon Channel free from your channel store and watch there!  

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 Kathy Moore is the director of Public Health - Muskegon County and is here for her weekly update. Thankfully, it would seem the post holiday surge has been avoided after Thanksgiving. Precautions are still stressed. Some questions regarding other health issues and safe practices between places like restaurants, bars, retail and more. Vaccine roll out in Muskegon is happening a time line of expectations for all. Some pre holiday thoughts to wrap things up.

Happy Monday!!  It's another day closer to the Holidays and we're still doing our very best to keep you in shape as the virtual holiday parties continue and the spirit of the season sweeps over us all, in what might be a little more laid back fashion this year, but the important thing to remember is that the spirit of the season isn't in a box or building, it's in your heart.  Keeping that heart healthy is what Becky is all about!  Your heart, and in this case, your waistline because Becky is busting out a core work out this week and working to keep YOU as fit as a fiddle over the holidays!  

Kathy Moore from Public Health - Muskegon County gives us her weekly update. Some thoughts on the extra 12 days. This are better, but we can't just run out. The difference between a restaurant or a big box store in the eyes of restrictions explained. Where we are numbers wise. Andy shares a story of a dear friend. More large scale testing is being sought for Muskegon.

It's been a couple weeks of "Best Of's" with Becky, some time off for everyone is ok once in a while and as Becky sat in trees waiting to shoot anything with brown fur, antlers and a whit tail, she gave some thought to what needed to be done upon return to Fit and Healthy especially with the overwhelming amount of those who have become sick lately with COVID.  

Kathy Moore from Public Health - Muskegon County gives her weekly Covid update and explains that it's a bit of a lull, which is good, but they are preparing for numbers form after Thanksgiving. How the former Hackley Hospital site is being used. Staffing of hospitals. The Muskegon County death rate is higher in comparison to neighboring counties which is very concerning. Please take all precautions - we're not out of the woods by any stretch of the imagination.

 Kathy Moore, Director of Public Health - Muskegon County speaks today on the COVID situation here in Muskegon. She explains the situation with hospital capacity and how it's a broader term than just bed count. We find out if there are plans for any mass testing events and where. We talk about the schools and the ask for 10 days closed post Thanksgiving for all grade levels and we talk too about the capacity for Public Health to keep up with the surge of the spread going on.

We're sharing this message on behalf of Mercy Health and the Muskegon Area Intermediate School District.  There are important facts here about the spread of COVID in Muskegon, the impact it's had on our community and the toll it's taking on our hospital system.  We are in the same boat as anyone. We're tired of the pandemic, we're tired of the messaging, we're tired of the division and strife.  Please listen and know what's going on.

Becky is up and back on her feet after not feeling so well, but you know those highly in demand folks....well, that and hunting season where Becky has been known to fill a freezer or two with her adventures in the woods.  Well, we'll get back to new episodes next week, after all, making sure folks here are in good shape is our first priority and well, it is fire arms deer season, so we're not going to get pushy with Becky if you catch the drift.

Kathy Moore from Public Health - Muskegon County gives an update for November 18th. The numbers are still going up. Way up. There's no real "instance" to point to. The first time Muskegon did much better, but why the change now? The virus is more aggressive and contacts are transferring into symptoms. First round of vaccine here will be limited. Look toward Spring for the bulk of it. Hospital updates. Some County employees are helping Public Health with contact tracing, but it's not enough. Plan the holidays with the highest degree of caution.

Becky is a little under the weather this week.  We tried and tried to find a time to get in a recording session but if you know Becky, the one thing she doesn't like at all is when she can't perform at her peak, it's no bueno.  So, while she shakes it, we'll go back a few weeks to the sunshine filled Lake Harbor Park and give you another shot at episode 163.

It's the weekly update from Public Health - Muskegon County Director Kathy Moore and sadly, it's not good. Hospitals are at capacity. The virus has spread past the point that contact tracing is almost completely impossible. In the last week alone in Muskegon County, cases have Quadrupled. We go back to some of the most basic questions about testing, contact definitions and sanitizing. We discuss schools and Kathy is begging people to be cautious.

Up and at 'em and let's get to it!!  It's time for Episode 168 of Fit and Healthy With Becky on the Muskegon Channel and Becky is calling this one a "little" challenge.  Becky is lying.  She's got it out for ya this week and we hope you're ready!  :)

Public Health - Muskegon County is back with an update on COVID-19. Director Kathy Moore is giving you the numbers on the increase of cases, hospitalizations and how the schools are handling things. We're returning post election to share the knowledge and give you what you need to know. There's no panic situation but the information is essential.

It's a new week, it's a new month and it's a new, well, kinda new anyway work out.  Kinda in the respect that we've used dumbbells before of course, but there's always new ways to twist, turn, lift and maneuver and what's awesome about that?  You've got your very own personal trainer Becky from the Muskegon Channel to show you just how it's done!

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