Time to get your move on, but motionless.  HUH?  It's episode 111 of Fit and Healthy with Becky on The Muskegon Channel and this time it's about using some steady resistance to work those muscles by holding a position for a set amount of time.  Seems easy right?  Well, let's find out.  It's a practice in stability, stamina and core strength.  There are so many different ways to stay in shape and having Becky as a Certified Personal Trainer on the Muskegon Channel gives you the opportunity to try different methods and finding what works best for you.

As you advance with your workout programs, maybe you want to make the jump to a group setting or a one on one training setting, Becky offers both.  You can join her at The Gym in North Muskegon or you can set up what works best for you.  It's a commitment to a better you and working with Becky will make it fun, interesting and show you the value of your personal health.

Like any workout, please consult a physician first to make sure you are able to do this or any other work out.  Warm up, stretch out and hop to it!  It's episode 111 of Fit and Healthy with Becky on The Muskegon Channel. 


Done and done!  Come back later and do it again!  Tell some friends or better yet, share it around and create a group.  It's all about you and getting you to a point where it's fun and purposeful.  There is no right or wrong time to start.  It's just a matter of the inspiration and spark to get ya going.  We're happy to give you that first step every week with Becky!  You can visit her website by clicking below.


You wake up and are ready for a new Fit and Healthy with Becky and the headline reads a "ball".  Well, we didn't mean to give you the impression that you were going dancing or anything, but...being in better shape will help make you a better dancer, runner, whatever you want to be...so there's that. 

Read more: Fit and Healthy With Becky Episode 110 - A Mini Ball

A move to the beautiful surroundings of Ross Park in Norton Shores this week!  Becky is gearing up for the BIG Arts and Dash 5k and wanted to give you a glimpse of the setting for the event coming up, so for the next few weeks we'll be making use of one of our areas most tranquil and scenic areas in Muskegon County.

One of the best parts about this weeks episode is that you get a way to add a little extra to your work out without the need for buying any equipment or really going out of your way to do more than find a bench...or in this case, a picnic table.  Becky is going to show you how to make a useful tool out of your body and a little added resistance from every day items!

As always, warm up, stretch out and consult a physician before you begin this or any other work out program!  Stay hydrated with plenty of water and let's go!  It's episode 109 of Fit and Healthy With Becky on The Muskegon Channel.


Boom!  A great way to enjoy the great outdoors and change up the routine a little!  Becky is a Certified Personal Trainer.  She offers group or one on one settings to help you get to or maintain personal goals for health and fitness.  She's also the Race Director for the Arts and Dash 5k coming up and if you're up for a great event targeted at any fitness level, click on the photo below to get yourself signed up!

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Episode 108!  Becky wants to spice things up and keep them interesting, so.... she's busting out a barbell to show you some different techniques to keep your body guessing and keep you interested in what you're doing in the Dog Days of Summer!  

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Becky is shaping you up with some added weight and a little step up resistance to things this week on Fit and Healthy with Becky!  We're at the Muskegon Country Club again for this weeks episode.  It's a great back drop for a little change of scenery and it fits into the concept that while exercise and staying healthy can sometimes feel like a grind....variation is a key to making sure you are getting the most out of your work out and finding muscle groups that might not get the attention the "normal" ones you work out. 

So, this week out comes the stepper and a couple of dumbbells.  They will add a little cardio and some resistance to your routine.  Don't have a fancy stepper?  Your stairs will do just fine.  No dumbbells?  Find something in your house that you can hold in hand to help along.  It's a little "shocker" to the system to help jolt things. 

As always, consult a Dr. before you start this or any workout routine.  Drink plenty of water, warm up and stretch out.... here comes Episode 107 of Fit and Healthy With Becky on The Muskegon Channel.


Boom!  You did it....do it again later...do it again tomorrow.  Invite some friends, get your kids involved...hey, get the spouse off the couch and get them to play along.  It's all in the quest for a healthier you...and them and everyone!  Before you know it, you're in shape for the Arts and Dash 5k at Ross Park.  Which by the way... you can click on the photo below to get signed up for!  Becky is the event director and she can't wait to see you!

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We're in a different location for the next few weeks.  The Muskegon Country Club was gracious enough to welcome us for a few weeks to change up the scenery and to use some of their unique equipment.  It's a beautiful setting and a great change of pace for a few weeks!  

Today, Becky is bringing in some "sliders".  Now, to some.. "sliders" are the reason you need to work out anyway.  You know...the $1 hamburgers that you woof down when you're clearly not thinking about your fitness or waistline.  No, sliders today are some small pads you put under your hands and feet and base your workout around motion with them as well as maintaining balance in your core.

As always, consult a Dr. before you begin this or any work out program.  Stretch out, warm up and drink plenty of water!  Episode 106 of Fit and Healthy with Becky happens now on The Muskegon Channel.



Boom! You now have a degree in sliders!  Keep up the great work!  Becky is a Certified Personal Trainer and is available in multiple settings.  Group, one on one sessions and more if you'd like to take your workout to the next level!  She's also the Race Director for the Arts and Drafts 5k coming up in Norton Shores!  Click on the photo below and get yourself in the race! 

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You got a week off for the holiday!  Becky is back though and ready to help you continue on now that the mid point of Summer has passed!  Hard to believe the 4th of July has come and gone, however all the hot dogs, baked beans, beer and bratwurst have to come off you now that we're moving on in to the Summer swelter season.  We can't have you walking around town without being properly toned and living your best life now can we?

We are changing up the scenery for you a little however.  We are utilizing the fitness room at the Muskegon Country Club over the next few weeks.  We still LOVE The Gym in North Muskegon but, why not share some different equipment and some different methods from a different sot once in a while.  Plus...you are welcome to tell your friends you got your workout in at the Country Club....they will think you're kind of a big deal.

Water....stretch...warm up.....consult the physician and all that....because here comes episode 105 of Fit and Healthy With Becky from The Muskegon Country Club on The Muskegon Channel.


Swanky huh?  No matter where you get your work out in, the important part is that you do it!  Country Club or in your kitchen, it doesn't matter.  It' just leads to a better you.  We hope you are working toward Becky's big event this Summer....plan on the Arts and Dash 5k in Norton Shores!  Click on the pic below for more details and to get registered!

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Becky is breaking out the barbell!  You'd be surprised to learn too, the barbell is only the bar!  You can add weights to the side of it to up the resistance.  Here you thought a barbell was just one unit!  Nope!  There are some proper techniques to using a barbell with the additional weights on in.  In a variety of movement, Becky will show you how to make best use on one of the simple standards of any gym or home fitness program. 

Please, always consult a doctor before you start this or any work out program.  Drink plenty of water, warm up, stretch out and let's get it on!!  Here's episode 104 of Fit and Healthy With Becky on The Muskegon Channel.


You have been barbelled!  Great job, come back more and more and bring friends!  If you like what you found here, get in touch with Becky to find out about her group or 1 on 1 fitness opportunities.  CLICK HERE to visit Becky's website.  You can also join her for the Arts and Dash 5k which she is proudly in charge of.  Click on the photo below to learn more!

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Do you still think a medicine ball is the size of a small hot air balloon and is sitting in the corner of some gym somewhere collecting dust while all the uber cool and ultra modern workout stuff takes center stage?  Guess again.  Today's medicine ball is tight...fit and has a style all it's own when it comes to the day to day physical fitness regimen and you're going to get a healthy dose of it today on Fit and Healthy With Becky.

Yes, that was indeed a complete oversell of a medicine ball and totally fake hype.  We needed to get your attention though, because there are times where we forget the standards of what works and why and even though the idea of a medicine ball did get some modernization, the purpose is still plenty when it comes to making you...a little better you!

It's not some old smelly leather thing sitting in a corner anymore, today....a medicine ball looks just like a basketball and Becky is raring to go to so you some moves to put it to use!  So, consult that physician before you start this or any other work out....warm up, stretch out and get your water... it's episode 103 of Fit and Healthy With Becky on the Muskegon Channel. 


Boom! Just like that!  Now, here's the real challenge.  Come back tonight and do it again!  Fit and Healthy With Becky will give you back just what you put in to it, so think about those 2 a days!!  Better yet, share it with some friends!  If you really dig it, consider a class with Becky or maybe 1 on 1.  She's available for all of the above...AND  she wants to see you at the Arts and Dash 5k so click on the photo below and get signed up!

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How's your center of gravity?  Well, it's going to get improved this week at Becky gets to the "core" of all physical fitness.  Your mid section.  Important for all things from posture to stability, your core is central to your overall health.  It's also one of the areas that we judge ourselves on first when it comes to our own body image.  Toned up and in good shape it's a great way to work on your self image.  You'll need some added weight for this one if you choose, a little added resistance for added results! 

Like any fitness program, please, consult a Dr. first and make sure you warm up first and drink plenty of water!

It's episode 102 of Fit and Healthy With Becky on The Muskegon Channel.



Another step closer to a healthier you and maybe even joining Becky in the Arts and Dash 5k in Norton Shores.  You can find all you need to get signed up for the fun linked below!  Help support Becky in this for all the work she does here on Fit and Healthy With Becky on The Muskegon Channel!

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So, last week you thought you might be getting off easy right?  If you recall, Becky show you some proper techniques to warming up and stretching out before a run.  She's trying to get everyone ready for the Arts and Draft's 5k coming up in Norton Shores later this Summer and you may see some more episodes on the basics coming up over the next couple months.  But....that ain't today.

Today, all the monkeyshines have been set aside for a rip roaring, full tilt, max out, go for the gains workout involving the TRX straps that she finds more ways to use than someone working in a dungeon.  This is one of the more challenging workouts Becky has presented, so please...know your pace and limits before you try this one.

As always, plenty of water, lots of warming up and stretching out and always consult a Dr. before you begin this or any other work out program.  Here comes episode 100 of Fit and Healthy With Becky on The Muskegon Channel.


There's episode 100!  We'd like to take this time to say thank you to Becky for her dedication to making sure that Fit and Healthy is always new, fresh and her continuing approach to being innovative when it comes to keeping you engaged with staying in shape.  Becky is a tremendous friend and a true blessing to have on the staff of The Muskegon Channel and we're so proud of her work, and her commitment to everyone in Muskegon and their quest for a healthier life!  We love ya Becky!!  Thanks for all you do!

You might consider it an easy week, but...Becky has a plan for ya and you really outta pay attention to this weeks episode!  See, Becky is the Race Director for the Arts and Drafts 5k coming up in Norton Shores later this Summer and it's her goal to make it the best run ever.  So, you are going to find ways to work your way in to shape for the event over the coming weeks and months so when the race day arrives on August 17th you are ready to go.  If it's your first attempt at a 5k or maybe you're s seasoned veteran, you can be part of this event she's pouring her heart and soul into to help benefit No More Sidelines.

This week, it's proper techniques to get stretched out and ready to run.  What to stretch, show to stretch it and where to take a little precaution when it comes to "over doing it" when you're trying to limper up.  

As always, make sure the Dr. says you're ok for this or any other exercise program.  Drink plenty of water, say your paryers...take your vitamins...well, you get the idea...episode 99....let's go!  It's Fit and Healthy With Becky on The Muskegon Channel.


Now you're limbered up!  Go for a run...if you're just starting....go for a walk...get yourself ready for the race in August or just get yourself moving.  That's all she's asking of ya!  We all have goals, and Becky's is to give you just a little bit better health, one step at a time.

Now, let's get on to the race sign up!  Click on the pic below to get in on the fun.  Let's help sell out the race to benefit No More Sidelines and as an appreciation for all the hard work Becky puts in for us at the Muskegon Channel!

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We're all in the business of "Watching Us Go".  Well, watching us go includes everything else going on around town too, and if you have not taken a look lately, things are jumping in more than just one neighborhood in the area. 

Today, we're taking a look at North Muskegon.  North Muskegon is getting more and more involved with larger events and welcoming more and more people in to enjoy the peaceful neighborhoods, the beautiful lakes and the great restaurants in the area.  The parades are still some of the best in town and things like the North Side Family Fun Fest, the Annual Community Picnic, the Circle of Trees Dog Parade and more give you a chance to meet the friendly people and absorb some of the great tastes and hospitality.  There is also this incredible school filled with Norsemen....years and years of pride in a great district. bear lake triVisit the Bear Lake Tri Online

North Muskegon also has a competitive side, and if you have the goods...well, you can put them to the test on May 26th at the Bear Lake Triathalon and Duathalon.  Ron Knoll is the Event Director and took over after he "retired" from insurance and went on to work for what happens to be his passion.  Starting as a runner, he tried a Duathalon and then...he was on to a Tri and carry on to develop these events all around Michigan.  It's a combination of all of the elements that make these events so special to him, especially the people who participate in them.   

Up to 8 events a season now, Ron brings these fun, family oriented events to places like North Muskegon, Grand Haven, Traverse City and with the events, come the people.  Is athletic tourism a thing?  Well, it is now.  Hundreds will converge on North Muskegon to participate and watch.  Community members will pitch in, local police and fire will be on hand for safety and at the end of it all, everyone in the area will be seen as a pretty great place to visit and we'll see them come back for maybe a visit to a State Park, or the Winter Sports Complex, The Block House....who knows.

There's still time to register!!  I met up with Ron at The Coffee Factory in Downtown Muskegon on a rainy day to talk about the North Muskegon Triathalon.  Take a listen.


A great way to show off the shape you're in, or...show off our great community.  A triathlon isn't exactly for beginners, so...if it's something you might aspire to, maybe come out this year for a view and set some goals.  If you are were you need to be to get in on it, what are you waiting for?  Jump in Bear Lake, get on that bike and lace up your sneakers!  May 26th will be an awesome day for everyone, and a great day for athletes and fans in North Muskegon.   

Welcome to episode 98 of Fit and healthy with Becky on The Muskegon Channel, where today, Becky is going to show us a thing or two you can do with a barbell that doesn't involve some guy standing there looking in a mirror trying to look all "buff" at the gym.  Yes, there are actually plenty of practical applications for a barbell and a little added weight, if you are up for the challenge, and Becky is going to run you through them this week from The Gym in North Muskegon. 


As always, please...consult a physician before beginning this or any other exercise program, warm up, stretch out and drink lots of water...here comes episode 98 of Fit and Healthy With Becky on The Muskegon Channel.


One step closer to a better you!  Keep chuggin' away and work toward a goal, like maybe a 1st time 5k.  Becky is the Race Director for the Arts and Dash 5K in Norton Shores.  You have the whole Summer to get ready for it, so make the commitment now and reward yourself with a fun first time experience in August.  Click on the photo below for more info.

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Have you noticed?  We're inching closer and closer to 100 episodes of Fit and Healthy With Becky on The Muskegon Channel.  If you've been here since the start, you're probably going to live to be 100 years old or more, and if this is you're just coming on board, you've found the most fun way to get going on a fitness program there is.  

Becky packs in the basics for you weekly work out and also gives you a chance to get started and maybe take it to the next level if you want with a group setting or a one on one program.  She's a certified personal trainer and her dedication to you is incomparable.  

This week, it's the medicine ball.  It's not your old version of a medicine ball either.  Today's medicine ball is a valuable tool in a multitude of ways.  Becky is going to show you just how it helps.  Before you start, make sure you consult a doctor, warm up, stretch out and drink plenty of water.  Here comes episode 97 of Fit and Healthy with Becky on the Muskegon Channel.


You've done it!  this week a medicine ball, next week you'll conquer the world.  Well, maybe not...but you've gotten a start and it's that first step that is the key to a new beginning.  If you like what's happened, consider one of Becky's classes or a one on one scenario.  She's also the director of the Arts and Dash 5k coming up later this Summer and you're invited to get with her to shape up for the run too!  You can click on the photo below to learn more about the race and get signed up!

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