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Have Some Fun and Stay in Shape With Becky Biesiada Swing Dancing


Hopefully, you've been chugging along with Fit and Healthy with Becky Biesiada here on the Muskegon Channel with her show "Fit and Healthy with Becky" from The Gym in North Muskegon.  She's a personal trainer here in town and her mission is to help Muskegon stay in better shape, and feel better through custom workouts or group workouts that are custom fit to just about any level of experience or level.  She's dedicated to her clients, she's great when it comes to helping with planned diets and her personality is one of true caring and concern for those she works with.

But, all of that doesn't mean there isn't a fun side too!  Not every "work out" needs to be sweat and toil.  You can stay in shape and learn some fun things along the way.  Take for instance, dancing!  Yes, dancing will keep you moving and if properly instructed you'll be able to enjoy yourself a little more at special occasions while being able to show off some skills.

Becky is currently hosting a swing dance class at the Muskegon Country Club.  It's held on Thursday nights and we were there to kick off the first evening and learn a little more about the dancing lessons and, yes, even a little more about Becky herself.  Take a listen to our chat just before class got started.


 Becky has been awesome on the Muskegon Channel and we love to support our contributors and their endeavors!  If you'd like to know more about the dance lessons, some personal training or maybe some of the group things she does at The Gym or The Muskegon Country Club, Don't let the Fall and Winter stop you from staying in shape, and make sure to take advantage of the ability to have some fun doing it!