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You've built a business together and things have gotten to a point in the marriage where it's just not working any more, but work is work and since that end of things is going to have to be discussed....chances are you are going to need a little extra assistance from some highly qualified professionals like the team at Tabono Law. 


When business and personal lives intersect, it can be an amazing way to accomplish a lot.  Some who've had the personal end of relationships fail have been able to transition the whole thing into a great working relationship while others can't seem to be able to.  It can go any number of ways.  As Shon details this week, sometimes emotions take over and things come up missing, hijacked or locked up.  Other times, it's a matter of the thought that has to go into things like equity, contributions to the work that performed, the potential of having to buy out one partner or another or to sell the business completely and divide what's there.  Very stressful and very complicated.

If the highly qualified assistance of Tabono Law is something you can use a hand with, give them a call.  231-894-0909This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. to email Shon directly and of course you can visit TABONO LAW ONLINE.  

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