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Any situation that an attorney is needed is a priority.  Shon Cook of Tabono Law is here regularly to help explain various scenarios that can lead to the necessity for legal help and that at Tabono Law, any client, is treated equally the same no matter what's involved.  There are some cases though that do require some different approaches.  Custody is one of them.  Any time kids are involved, it's a big deal.  There are also some divorces that are "high asset" divorces and while division of any assets need to be fair....there are some special circumstances for those cases where larger amounts are involved.  Learn what is required. 


In the case of a high asset divorce, there are requirements that the state has in place to make sure that while things need to be sorted out, there's a time limit on how long this process can take.  This adds a layer of urgency to any legal team working for a client.  When "high asset" is first thought of, it's simple to think "a lot of money in savings", it goes way beyond that.  Savings, investments, stocks, business equity, property, vehicles and more and that's only the beginning.  Next, add in the required assistance from people who can properly calculate what the value of all of that is?  It's not taught in law school unfortunately, so there's the idea of having to find the experts and get them going too.  It's a lot of work in a short time and it's NOT something for anything other than an attorney and team with decades of experience.  

Tabono Law is the firm you need for anything when it comes to family law.  Their growing team of attorneys and staff have an incredibly well versed background in all things from divorce and custody to mediation, child abuse and neglect and domestic violence needing a PPO.  They are caring and dedicated professionals who's commitment to their clients is second to none and should you have the need for their services, there's only one call to make.  231-894-0909.  You can also CLICK HERE TO EMAIL SHON DIRECTLY.  You are invited to VISIT TABONO LAW ONLINE as well. 

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