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Grief is not an exclusively human experience.  Bonds and attachment are deep between humans and animals and within the animal life experience between one another.  There's also one unavoidable truth to this all....there's no escaping the final curtain for people or pets and learning the idea of grief and how to best manage it is really what we can do.  This week on Dog Blessed, Jodi welcomes Jodi Clock to share some thoughts and insight on the adaptation that pets need to go through should they lose an owner or maybe a pet friend.



The attachment between animals and humans is an essential bond that many need. In the animal kingdom, the levels of connection run deep between species. Elephants are among the strongest followed by primates and the documented proof of these lifelong relationships is out there.  To see footage of the grief a mother elephant endures upon the loss of a calf, or how a mother ape will carry a lost baby with her for days, is truly a heartbreaking view.  Our domestic pets build attachments to us, and to one another should they share space and when we're gone, or their "roomie" is missing, their ability to articulate the suffering manifests in different ways.

Jodi and Jodi are talking about the experience of a pet losing someone this week.  With Jodi Clock being an expert in all things end of life, she's gone from being a funeral director for people to also taking care of lost pets for them and her knowledge and experience is vast.  Helping pets cope with the end of life for an owner can begin as soon as the final stages of life are being played out and even post mortem, to give the pet a chance to see and be near their lot owner will aid tremendously in the process.  If this is an impossibility, there are other ways too assist to help them know that they were not just abandoned and that they can grieve and move on.  Between both of out Jodi's, we also have a vast array of helpful ideas surrounding the topic, it's a great conversation.

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