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Cinco De Mayo!  It's a is a yearly celebration held on May 5 to celebrate Mexico's victory over the Second French Empire at the Battle of Puebla in 1862, led by General Ignacio Zaragoza.  It's also a bigger holiday in the USA than it is Mexico and it's become a celebration of all that Latino culture has added to our life.  Here in Muskegon, it's really had an influence in many ways, one of which is the food.  Our offerings of Latino food options draw lines between families and those who like their cooking like almost nowhere else.  Not a bad battle to have going on in town, trying to figure out where the best tacos, burritos and tamales are.  However, the Latino community is also very robust with the importance of their heritage and culture and loves sharing more than just food.  They love sharing their hearty sense of family and fun too. 



Not long ago, Pigeon Hill Brewing posted that they needed a new idea.  Mairsella Sierra from Navarro's Restaurant replied "collab".  From there.  It began.  Since Mari is from the Navarro dynasty that her grandmother Connie began, along with Latino's Working for the Future which is now in the hands of Angelita Espiranza, Connie's daughter, and Mari's was the blink of an eye that a purpose was found and the plans began for a Cinco De Mayo community celebration that would not only gather people together to celebrate heritage and culture, it called for a specialty brew and Pigeon Hill knw just what to do.

A shared recipe called MI Gente is making it's Muskegon debut on May 5th, about 2pm.  MI Gente means "My People" and it's a recipe that began in City Built Brewing and has been shared around the state and country for celebrations like this and it's developed it's own unique flavor everywhere with the ingredients, the water used and the magic touch that every brewer has brought to it.  So, with a new beer, we best find the eats, and Navarro's has been filling the stomachs of Muskegon since the late 70's.  Mari and husband Felix now run it day to day and are bringing the goods so that you won't leave hungry and Angelita has the connections to help with the entertainment and rich cultural experiences that were the focal point of her mom's life and the legacy she carries on so beautifully.  

The proceeds for the day will go to Latino's Working for the Future.  They support community and kids with scholarship programs, community events and educational opportunities to know more about the contributions and importance of Latin influence in our culture.  It's way more than the food, it's an amazing heritage that's both beautiful and filled with amazing accomplishment.

The "preparty" will be at noon when the doors open at The Brewers Lounge at Pigeon Hill at noon on May 5th.  The Cinco De Mayo fun gets underway about 2 and you're in for a nice day of entertainment, community food and cerveza! Mark it down and plan on heading to be a part of this incredible day that can only happen in a community that knows how to come together for purpose like no other.

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