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Jodi begins this week with a very contemplative question.  If you were an expecting parent, and you had all your hopes pinned on having a girl, and BOOP, out came a boy...would you be in the mindset of rejecting the baby or would you love and accept them for who they are?  That's a question that can go deep on 1000 different levels, but here, we're talking about pets....the differing stages of their lives, their personalities, their reactions to things and their adaptation to life at home with you and their normal surroundings.



Let's say you get a pet that seems set in one way.  If it's a newborn puppy, there's an expectation that like an infant, their personality isn't quite what it's going to be after it grows some.  It's reasonable to expect that there will be some accidents on the floor, maybe some garbage cans tipped over and the sacrificial couple pairs of shoes and socks are just a given.  But what if you adopt a shelter dog?  It might seem like it's a little stand off-ish at first but it will see in short order that life is a different scenario now and that they have finally found a home.  Or, it could be the other way around.  Maybe your shelter dog seems to fit right in, but a few months down the line, up comes and incident that triggers a bad memory and an unexpected reaction.  This is the idea of learning to accept the pet for who they are. In younger days, they might have been a champion.  In the twilight years, they might be a little slower, but they still have that heart beating within and just like us, they don't feel much different.  Jodi shares all kind of great ideas this week.

Dog Blessed is ramping up their season of events and activates to both help train, and socialize your pet.  The Dog Blessed Dog Walking Group is always looking for new members and there's an entire page for Upcoming events :

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