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Ride United is an event designed to showcase the best of all of our area to cycling enthusiasts, as well as benefitting the United Way of the Lakeshore.  There was a break in the action last year, but this year the event is back and stronger than ever with a Friday evening kick off even featuring Christine D'Ercole who will leave you feeling motivated by her discussion on the importance of self talk, and then Saturday, she'll join the community for the 100 mile ride. 



Christine Robere from the United Way and Craig Werich who is the Logistics Coordinator for the event joined me to talk about the return of this event in 2024 and the fact that with Christine coming to be a part of this ride to benefit mental health, she's bringing some friends in from around the country too. Christine has an audience. She's an original cycling instructor at Peloton and her workout's combined with her positive message have gained her an audience of incredible proportion.  In partnership with the Muskegon Area District Library, join us for a free presentation at the Muskegon Museum of Art starting at 6 pm. You'll find a registration link at the bottom of the page.

Saturday, bright and early, you'll see the rides kick off.  Take your pick.  100 miles all the way down to the community rides around town in both Muskegon and Hart assure that there is something for every level of riding experience and ability.  Christine even mentions that there are bikes available now in town from the MADL as well as shops that will rent them as needed.  So, even if you don't have a bike, there's no reason for you to not be a part of this great event to benefit the work the United Way is putting toward mental health.  It's a long climb.  As a community, we've been kind of spoken about in ways that could be better for a long time, imagine if all of us just started talking about the good in Muskegon compared to the issues?  Sure would help turn that narrative quicker.  If the ride isn't your jam, they can always use a hand from volunteers.  You'll find a link for that below as well.

The United Way is an incredible force for goon in our community and we proudly support their efforts.  A speaker coming in to town like Christine D'Ercole is an event that you shouldn't miss and to be a part of the picturesque ride on May 18th is a great way to support the work of the United Way!  Thanks to Christine Robere and Craig Werich for taking a few minutes to talk today. 


Ride United 2023 Photo 2