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It's a benchmark in Muskegon to find a way to help people and organizations who help others.  There are those who give quietly, and those who are a little more extravagant and some who blend the two quite well.  No matter where you stand on the idea of giving, there's an element of all of it that requires some awareness and to help spread the word about Step Up Muskegon is what Shon Cook of Tabono Law wanted to use this weeks segment for.  


We have had Step Up Muskegon on in the past with our Step it Up financial give.  We seek out amazing organizations with Tabono Law and Scherdel Sales and Technology to give them some of that essential exposure and a modest financial donation.  Shon has her team on site today in Muskegon helping Step Up with some work around the house that needed to be done and some over all sprucing up for those who reside in this home that helps them begin to navigate young adulthood when they really struggle to find a hand facing life's early challenges. 

From the Step Up website - "Step Up was formally organized in May of 2015 after the founding board members learned of the significant number of youth in our community aging out of the foster care system. These youth, like other foster youth throughout Michigan, age out of their foster homes at age 18. Less than 50% of former foster youth maintain strong, supportive relationships with their foster families. When they age out, they are expected to live on their own."  We've seen more than one organization working toward this issue here in Muskegon and that's because there are about 400-450 young people in foster care in Muskegon and when they "age out" at 18 or 19 they are not usually prepared to handle the day to day of life.  From independent living, to the ideas of budgeting, establishing credit, managing relationships and more, jumping into the deep end might be fun in a pool, but in life, it's a daunting task.

Step Up Muskegon provides a safe place for young adults to begin.  To earn their trust is the first order of business.  After all, the rigors of the foster care system are not forgotten over night.  From there, it's the gentle touch it takes to work toward what might seem simple to some, like managing money, handling responsibility and navigating young adulthood, but....if you've never had anyone teaching you any of that, what seems simple, can be a nightmare. 

Time, talent and treasure are being placed today in the hands of the Step Up Muskegon organization and if you'd like to learn more, CLICK HERE TO VISIT THEM ONLINE.  You can also click in the image below to visit their website.  Thank you to Shon and the staff at Tabono Law for their stewardship of this important organization in our community.  



Tabono Law Muskegon Channel Fall 2023