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The third year of the Muskegon Pride event is upon us already.  June 1st is a celebration of acceptance, love and inclusion.  The LGBTQ community in Muskegon began this festival 3 years ago now not really sure how things would be received here in the community, but the acceptance, excitement and ability to draw people in to be a part of it continues to grow.  The lifestyle is much less the focus during the event and the message of being who you are and that you are acceptable as you are is the main thought.  In the land of the right to pursue happiness, it should stand to reason that equality is for everyone, and Adam Carlson is here to talk about the event, how it's gone and what to expect on June 1st when Western Ave is once again filled with joy, curiosity, onlookers and passers by. 


Pride isn't an idea of cramming anything down anyone's throat.  I have a very deep attachment to the feeling that so many others have endured over living a life that you cannot be your true self.  I hid as an alcoholic.  I hid as a depression sufferer.  I hid the fact that childhood was really a long and hard road for me and to have to maintain the look you carry in a community to fit the's a level of anguish that isn't bearable to anyone.  I instantly identify with anyone who's had to live this way be it for their beliefs, color, who they love or what they think they will be judged for.  I truly get it.

The festival is organized based on sharing love and acceptance and that is offered to all.  If you are a member of the LGBTQ community, great.  This is the day of safe space and judgement free living.  If you are not, guess what?  You're going to be just fine if you come down to enjoy the music, entertainment, food trucks and the abundance of people out just being themselves.  It's a super fun early summer event where friends and family are strolling the streets, learning about local business and organizations and shopping with small crafters and vendors.  

The idea of Western Avenue being used for all of the gatherings is getting to be something for everyone.  From the roar of the motorcycles in July to the Juneteenth Parade coming up this year for the first time, our gatherings are becoming more of a true reflection of all of our community and it's a breath of fresh air to not only see people from our community come out to enjoy, but the vast amount of visitors that come for any particular festival from out of town is exploding and the growth of Muskegon is on it's way.  This is the direct result of one simple thing.  More voices being heard.  Accepting others for who they are, even if it might not be your exact cup of tea is the foundation of equality.  We are fortunate to have a group like Muskegon Pride here working so hard to put together a celebration like this for people to enjoy.

If you'd like to know more, or get involved, you can help.  Find Muskegon Pride on Facebook.  You can also visit them on the Muskegon Pride Website.

We're honored to present them with $1000 from Scherdel Sales and Technology and Tabono Law and we'll look forward to seeing you on Western Ave June 1st!

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