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We introduced you to Samantha Scott last week through her employers Preferred Employment and Living Supports at the opening of their new retail chalet Downtown Muskegon in a chalet at Western Market.  Samantha and her staff work with people who have unique abilities and show them that they are more than capable to attain certain goals and tasks that they might have otherwise been left out of.  A retail shop and some specialized products within it are an incredible way to prove by example that limits are rapidly diminishing for so many and it's a welcome, and refreshing change.  Samantha has something else up here sleeve though...she's a staunch advocate for mental health and practices it daily with her self and her staff as she sees first hand the drain that can come with her line of work, and she's here to today to share some of that experience and knowledge.




In the field of taking care of others, the strain mentally and emotionally is steep.  Samantha learned that early on in her career working with those she serves.  As her work grew, she saw too that the need to be a beacon for those she worked with to help balance out the stress that it takes to keep on believing in others until they can believe in themselves.  It's a lot of hard work to invest in those who've been dismissed even into adulthood and to be a respite for them, the staff and herself was part of what needed to be taken on as a leadership position. Through work in camps and studying psychology at Northern Michigan University, she filled up her tool kit and got to it.  She's also been a student of what she's studied, yes....we're all vulnerable at times and Samantha found post-partum depression a sincere issue in her life when her kids came along and had to learn not only from her own lessons, but practice what she preached on another level too.  These kinds of challenges can sneak up on anyone, at any time.  Life is difficult today.

Samantha is here to help break some of the stigma that comes with needing mental health help.  Just like we need help with physical health at times, our mental health is a key part of all of our lives and unless you were the only one who came out of the womb with a "how to" guide book, there are times when we all need a second set of eyes on things.  Samantha suggests a lot of the stuff you normally hear in our discussion today.  Making sure that you "have your mask on first", as we're instructed if there's a plane going down.  Not taking care of yourself is the first thing that leads to a disaster.  Proper nutrition and hydration are paramount and the ability to rely on someone else from time to time is a big thing too.  

Samanthas thougts are very much appreciated.  She mentioned a couple of resources in the video if you need them.  One, is WEST MICHIGAN MENTAL HEALTH.  We have their site linked right to the Muskegon area provieders that can help you out.  We also ask that if you've really come to a breaking point and think that there's no way out, DIAL 9-8-8 for immediate and confidential help if you are considering suicide. 



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