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Good morning!  We're here today to share one of our weekly features on our new site, Muskegon, Better.  After a very tough week for all of Muskegon County, Swenja Tanner who is our resident Yoga instructor, has put together about a 6 minute meditation for you to unwind and restore your senses.  The chaos of the storms and the aftermath of the clean up takes quite a toll mentally and physically.  Drop on in for a little down time. 

Yoga is a practice of mind and body presence. After a really stressful time, there are some coping mechanisms that get employed. Some are not as healthy as others. In this weeks episode, Swejna is going to focus on your breathing and muscle groups to help bring some settlement back to you holistically and without any kind of stimulants or depressants. Yes, society can function without all of the prescriptions we are given through the ancient practices that can be put to use. Give this a try this week. It’s under 6 minutes and you might just walk away feeling wonderful.

How would you like to join Swenja on this serene setting? She’s opening up registration to come to her outdoor “studio” and enjoy what you see here in person and connect even more. It’s as simple as CLICKING HERE to visit the registration site. Keep in mind, Swenja is new to town, moving here from Grand Rapids and working to establish a business of her own and it speaks volumes that she saw the opportunity here to do that! Let’s support our new neighbor and business grower!

Remember, with any physical activity, it’s important to know your limits. Swenja is a long time practitioner of yoga. If you are new to the experience, take your time to get into the motions and don’t over do it. Injuring yourself is the fastest way to ruin an amazing experience that will only enrich your life for years to come. Keep in mind too as your progression continues, that adding a healthy eating habit will add a lot to you’re program as will upping your physical fitness in other ways. 

We invite you to enjoy more great programs working on the over all wellbeing of Muskegon.  Stop by and take a look at MUSKEGON BETTER.