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Three Hundred and Twenty Five!  Can you imagine the time and dedication that Becky has given to produce 325 episodes of Fit and Healthy With Becky brought to you by Trinity Health?  It's one of our greatest sources of pride that for over 6 years, we've been able to bring you a work out that's quick, efficient and can meet you no matter where you are on a fitness regimen.  Our thanks to the 100's of weekly viewers and to Becky too for her long standing dedication to the betterment of life for so many. 



This week, Becky is going to work on your core. It's been arms and legs the last couple, so this seems to make perfect sense right?  Your core is probably the most essential part of you.  From the strength you need in your back and abdominal area to maintain balance to the posture you need to keep for spinal health as you age, making sure that your midsection strength is plentiful is a key to a long life.  You don't need anything more than your body weight this week for resistance and you can pick your favorite spot on the floor or a mat or even the best spot in the yard to get this weeks workout in.  Keep in mind, the work out's are designed to be done more than one time through so make sure that you give it all you've got so that you can get the most out of your commitment.  

Remember, it's essential to warm up and stretch out.  Drink plenty of water and always consult your physician before you begin this or any other workout program.  

Becky wants you to know that there's room for you at her private studio!  She's got some time on her hands to welcome new individuals or small groups to work out!!  It's a great location in Norton Shores and you'll feel right at home while Becky customizes you a work out and if you wish, a meal plan to go along with it to optimize your nutritional balance.  Call Becky at 231-557-9548 to ask about meeting up and learning more! 

Also, did you know??  We have Yoga back!  Please visit our new site, Muskegon, Better and see Mindful Movements Yoga with Swenja Tanner!  It's another awesome way to balance out life and add in a little self care while you're at it. 

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