While the summer continues, we're visiting Ross Park in Norton Shores for this weeks episode.  Ross Park is getting a great update on the pavilion that they have facing Mona Lake.  It's also home to great events all season long as well as beautiful ball fields, disc golf and green space for picnics and fun.  Becky is here to get you rocking on a Monday with a workout focused on your core and legs that is brought to you by Trinity Health.

Addiction is more than a problem for one person.  Sometimes, that individual gets to the point that they are isolated and truly along, but the collateral damage along the way includes not only the addict, but most everyone along the way who's tried to be a part of their life and part of the solution to help them out.  There are so many factors that come in to play over this overwhelming problem that to describe it in one article is impossible.  However, in recovery circles, there is a saying, there are three "L's" that you'll find a problem with at the end of the road, your lover, your liver and your lawyer.  Thankfully, we have a lawyer that can explain things from her side. 



The complications of addiction are many.  When the dynamic of the addict and the people around them comes into play during a domestic situation, the work can get very tedious and very expensive.  So many times there are people second guessing, acting in an eratic fashion and complicating things where there are a staff of dedicated people working to help find the best resolution within the paramaters of the law.  Division of assets and property, decisions about child visitation and more....it's a difficult process and when the unclear mind of someone addicted is in there....combined with some behaviors that can enable that behavior masked as trying to care for the addict, it's really a challenge for the legal process.  Thanks to Shon, she's able to articulate the challenges wonderfully, and compassionately.

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Back to Ross Park for our 276th Episode of Fit and Healthy With Becky, brought to you by Trinity Health!  It's our weekly chance to give you a way to get a little self care in and to help you begin, or maintain a healthier lifestyle with minimal equipment or any kind of membership anywhere.  All you need generally is the dedication to improving you and your choice of screen.  You can use the Muskegon Channel App, your computer or you can get the Muskegon Channel for your Roku or Amazon Fire TV device!

We're back in the beautiful surroundings of Ross Park in Norton Shores this week for episode 275 of Fit and Healthy With Becky brought to you by Trinity Health.  You won't need any additional equipment unless you'd like to add a mat, but we're glad you're here and ready to roll for today's workout!

Becky is ready to deliver YOU an amazing work out brought to you by Trinity Health from the beautiful setting of Ross Park in Norton Shores!  You will only need yourself this week to complete the workout Becky has planned for ya and it's recommended that you go through this example 3, maybe 4 times to get the maximum amount out of it.

Wedding season is getting in to full swing!  We're going to be seeing a lot of pics of the happily newlywed couples all over our social media feeds in the next few months as the celebrations begin and the happily ever after is sought.  Shon herself was part of a wedding of one of her own very recently and at the suggestion of "what to talk about" in this episode, she came up with some common thoughts for those who are setting a course on their own.

You've built a business together and things have gotten to a point in the marriage where it's just not working any more, but work is work and since that end of things is going to have to be discussed....chances are you are going to need a little extra assistance from some highly qualified professionals like the team at Tabono Law.