It's a benchmark in Muskegon to find a way to help people and organizations who help others.  There are those who give quietly, and those who are a little more extravagant and some who blend the two quite well.  No matter where you stand on the idea of giving, there's an element of all of it that requires some awareness and to help spread the word about Step Up Muskegon is what Shon Cook of Tabono Law wanted to use this weeks segment for.  

Ride United is an event designed to showcase the best of all of our area to cycling enthusiasts, as well as benefitting the United Way of the Lakeshore.  There was a break in the action last year, but this year the event is back and stronger than ever with a Friday evening kick off even featuring Christine D'Ercole who will leave you feeling motivated by her discussion on the importance of self talk, and then Saturday, she'll join the community for the 100 mile ride. 

Monday!  We're ramping thigs up just a little too this week on Fit and Healthy With Becky, brought to you by Trinity Health.  We've had a couple of weeks slowed down for beginners and those in need of a lighter paced work out.  Edging back in some to increase the difficulty as well as the weight you will work with if you are ready for it.

Jodi begins this week with a very contemplative question.  If you were an expecting parent, and you had all your hopes pinned on having a girl, and BOOP, out came a boy...would you be in the mindset of rejecting the baby or would you love and accept them for who they are?  That's a question that can go deep on 1000 different levels, but here, we're talking about pets....the differing stages of their lives, their personalities, their reactions to things and their adaptation to life at home with you and their normal surroundings.

By request for another week, it's a lower impact work out that doesn't require anything more than what the Good Lord gave you to participate in and can be done at a pace that suits your ability to begin or continue your fitness journey with Becky.  It's a full body work out this week, designed for anyone brought to you by Trinity Health. 

Itinerance.  It's a 75 cent word for routine and the discipline that comes with it.  Some people rely on it day in and day out.  Some can't take the structure and order and prefer spontaneity.  This week on Dog Blessed, Jodi is going to talk about how the importance of a routine for a pet and how it benefits their life and overall health.  Dog Blessed is brought to you by Must Love Dogs pet boutique in Grand Haven and Clock's Timeless Pets.   

Cinco De Mayo!  It's a is a yearly celebration held on May 5 to celebrate Mexico's victory over the Second French Empire at the Battle of Puebla in 1862, led by General Ignacio Zaragoza.  It's also a bigger holiday in the USA than it is Mexico and it's become a celebration of all that Latino culture has added to our life.  Here in Muskegon, it's really had an influence in many ways, one of which is the food.  Our offerings of Latino food options draw lines between families and those who like their cooking like almost nowhere else.  Not a bad battle to have going on in town, trying to figure out where the best tacos, burritos and tamales are.  However, the Latino community is also very robust with the importance of their heritage and culture and loves sharing more than just food.  They love sharing their hearty sense of family and fun too. 

We hope you enjoyed the break last week.  Becky has been really pushing the followers of Fit and Healthy with Becky for a while helping make the most of higher end workout's.  Maybe a little too much.  The requests have been heard.  This week, it's super low impact seated and at a pace that anyone can manage.  Fit and Healthy With Becky is brought to you by Trinity Health. 

Grief is not an exclusively human experience.  Bonds and attachment are deep between humans and animals and within the animal life experience between one another.  There's also one unavoidable truth to this all....there's no escaping the final curtain for people or pets and learning the idea of grief and how to best manage it is really what we can do.  This week on Dog Blessed, Jodi welcomes Jodi Clock to share some thoughts and insight on the adaptation that pets need to go through should they lose an owner or maybe a pet friend.