Episode 307!  It's amazing how Becky can continue to find ways week in and week out to stimulate, motivate, inspire and improve the lives of those who keep coming back for more of her workout routines. Becky is an outstanding Certified Personal Trainer and works here with us and is accepting new clients for one on one or small groups in her private studio!  This week, she's focusing on your shoulders and it's the beginning of 4 weeks of some rather high intensity workouts, brought to you by Trinity Health. 

As we've built and grown, we added a new page recently called Muskegon, Better!  The idea behind the page is that we're bringing in new content creators with fresh ideas and outlooks on things that are improving the quality of life for all of us in the Muskegon area.  It might be in big ways, it might be small but there's so much going on tipping the scales to the "good" we thought it best to give it all it's own space!  It's also a great spot to bring yoga back into our weekly publications and when life presents the opportunity it did for us with Swenja Tanner, you grab it quick.

Any situation that an attorney is needed is a priority.  Shon Cook of Tabono Law is here regularly to help explain various scenarios that can lead to the necessity for legal help and that at Tabono Law, any client, is treated equally the same no matter what's involved.  There are some cases though that do require some different approaches.  Custody is one of them.  Any time kids are involved, it's a big deal.  There are also some divorces that are "high asset" divorces and while division of any assets need to be fair....there are some special circumstances for those cases where larger amounts are involved.  Learn what is required. 

It's "that day".  The wick is going to get turned up a little this week and Becky is going to strengthen and tone your core with a workout that will feel a little more intense than you might otherwise expect, BUT!  (yes, we're working to help you make that a smaller butt), BUT when you're done this week, you'll see you had more in you than you thought!  Welcome to episode 306 of Fit and Healthy With Becky brought to you by Trinity Health. 

We had a question pop up this week from a viewer of the Saturdays With Shon program.  It's not the first, but it has been a while and it's an idea that we encourage as the complexity of the legal world isn't exactly defined by what we can dream up to talk about.  People find themselves in legal situations all the time and they are all unique.  This weeks question is a great one and it covers some ground for a lot of people that might wonder what role marital infidelity plays in the judgement of divorce.

EQ Bars!!  An implement or two that helps you work your arms, chest and core like nothing else using your own body weight for resistance!  WHAT?  You don't have EQ Bars?  Good news!!  A couple of sturdy chairs will suit ya just fine and we'll all get moving on a Monday with Fit and Healthy With Becky on the Muskegon Channel brought to you by Trinity Health. 

Welcome to episode 92 of Dog Blessed with Jodi Jarvis-Therrian where the topic of discussion this week is emotions.  Yes, believe it or not, pets are living, breathing creatures of emotion just like we are and they can not only feel emotions on their own level, they can feel what is being projected around them and it can directly reflect in their behavior, both reactively and passively.  Dog Blessed is brought to you by Clock's Timeless Pets and Must Love Dogs Pet Boutique in Grand Haven. 

Arise!  Or, if ya gotta, crawl out of that bed and let's get to it!!  Becky is here with the 301st episode of Fit and Healthy With Becky, brought to you by Trinity Health and if you have a 10 pound dumbbell or something close to it, grab it and let's go with this full body workout!