It's a "pattern".  So says Jodi Jarvis Therrian this week.  A puppy for Christmas is a pattern according to Jodi and it's "ok" as long as a few things have happened in advance of that puppy coming home to a family.  The first key thing to remember is that a puppy is really no different than an infant, and while the joy of the moment on Christmas Morning may be the lasting memory, it's also the starting line to a lifetime commitment and devotion to the care of that animal. 

Happy Monday and Merry Christmas!  Becky is hoping that under the tree you found some TRX straps to help you with your home work out routine!  Normally, we'd give you the holiday off but this year it's full steam ahead for Fit and Healthy With Becky brought to you by Trinity Health! 

Fit and Healthy With Becky is on episode 298 already!  Wow!  We've been at this a while and our thanks to Becky's loyal audience for keeping up with her on the weekly workouts!  Trinity Health is the proud sponsor of Fit and Healthy With Becky as keeping people healthy, well, it's their business. 

It's a time of joy and a time of giving.  We share what we can with others during the holidays and we hope that the goodwill and glad tidings carry through the year and that goes for pet lovers too.  Where better to meet up and talk about how you can help out in different ways or, even get some tips from some pretty knowledgeable people and a super special guest about having pets around for the holidays than Must Love Dogs in Grand Haven? 

If you find yourself in the need of the assistance of an attorney, chances are that you are stepping in to a world of things that at minimum are foreign to you and in most cases probably overwhelming, emotional and stressful at the same time.  Especially when it comes to family law, there's so much at stake and there's also the idea that loss and failure have played into what's to come.  There's also the thought of costs, time and what the future may hold.  Being prepared to speak to your attorney is the key to making things work as quickly and smoothly as possible and Shon Cook of Tabono Law shares the steps this week.

It's an informative week on Dog Blessed with Jodi Jarvis-Therrian.  While Olaf found himself a couch somewhere, Jodi spends some quality time with our wonderful sponsor Jodi Clock who's got a world of knowledge to share when it comes to end of life for both people and pets.  While pets might not be quite as complicated with end of life issues, they are not something you shouldn't prepare for and as far as the passing of people, the decades of knowledge Jodi has in the preparation for death is staggering.  She's seen it all as a Funeral Director and she's got three books and a now a podcast to help guide you into essential steps for your grand finale.

We're getting down to business in this episode of Cooking With L'Soul.  We've featured Brian Sanders over the last few episodes who's taught himself his culinary skills while he was incarcerated and in the process, he would mail home the recipes to stay ahead of the game and not lose anything he was working on.  His daughter faithfully kept building the cookbook while he was away.  Having to utilize what was available behind bars, Brian had to learn how to make a pressure cooker out of a garbage bag.  How to prepare rice in a microwave popcorn bag.  How to get seasonings that would not only add flavor but be healthy enough to lower blood pressure with low sodium in it and more.  This week, he's bringing in all of that talent to make the most delicious chicken wrap you'll ever eat. 

Let's begin this week by saying this is an advanced workout.  There's some lightweight dumbbells involved but so too is the Bosu Ball and it takes a lot of strength, balance and stamina to use one of these.  If the Bosu Ball is a bit much for you, it's ok to use a solid surface as opposed to the ball.