Like most we imagine the words "Confrerie Sommelier" are a little bit out of the day to day dialogue.  Jeff "Krunch"Kretschmer  isn't your every day kind of contributor we're introducing you to here on the Muskegon Channel however.  Confrerie Sommelier is a title earned by few when it comes to the distinguished palate and certification it takes to distinguish the subtleties of flavors in beverages and how they are best paired with foods that they accompany.  His resume is impressive working as a Wine Steward for some of our areas bigger retailers and Jeff too has been at the business of sharing his talents and tastes with audiences in his show "Straight From the Bottle".  He's been gracious enough to bring that experience to our audience here. 

A random act of kindness. They can be any number of things. It could be stepping in at a moment of crisis and helping someone past a hurdle. Might be an occasion when all hope seemed lost and you had the advice needed to make a difference. Maybe it’s just a passing gesture or kind word that someone needed to help them and you didn’t know you even had a role in the marked improvement of someone’s life. No matter how or where they come, those who are in the receiving end of a random act of kindness often tuck it away, or maybe they share it on social media. I had one happen not long ago and took the social media route and lo and behold, I found the person who was out spreading joy and asked if she’d be willing to share her inspiration. 

Cedar Creek Township.  When mentioned, a lot of people in Muskegon ask "where's that?".  Well, it's a small quiet and remarkably picturesque township just up 120 and close to Dalton, Holton and Muskegon Township.  The Town Hall itself is a throwback to days gone by and looks like a one room school house.  It's run by a small staff and board of trustees that are committed to keeping that spacious and rural feel and they work very hard to provide what the community needs.  From striving for big things like getting natural gas service to areas who have to rely on propane delivery now, to increasing the reach to those who need better internet, it's a big task in a very loud world.  The are also remarkably in touch with the human needs in the area and help with food supplies a few times a year and the investment going in to the park and community area near the township hall will be a permanent and lasting massive green space where a lot of recreation and events can be held.  Events?  Yep.  The first one is August 12th and while it's a small start, the seeds are being planted. 

We missed you last week.  With all due humble apologies,  there were some difficulties with a post op med that Andy was taking that left him sidelined after a surgical procedure, so we really had to slow things down.  BUT!  Your butt is one of our main focuses and to assure that it's in the best shape possible, we've got just one more episode of Fit and Healthy With Becky brought to you by Trinity Health from the amazing beginnings of the park currently under renovation in Cedar Creek Township.  Of course, it's brought to you by Trinity Health.

Cedar Creek Township at the new playground is where you'll find us once again for this weeks edition of Fit and Healthy With Becky.  Our show is brought to you by Trinity Health and the hope is that you can add this to your active lifestyle as part of an over all wellness approach.  We're showing you a fell body workout this week involving a light weight dumbbell which can give you a little added resistance, but it not necessary if you don't have one, or it's too much of a strain on you. 

An event that was sorely missed over the lass few years and when tried two years ago, outside...well, it got a little wet.  Last year, things returned to OV and got back to "normal" with lighter restrictions and now, the event is back to full speed and right where it should be on August 4th!  The Senior Community Day is happening at Orchard View High School August 4th and the group putting it on, the Senior Marketing Group is inviting YOU or maybe you and your parents if they are not all tech savvy and on the internet.  That means you need to tell them about this.  We try to point out the obvious :)

This week Jodi is welcoming a retired Poloce Officer who's just moved to the area named Adam Sherman.  Adam spent his career in the K-9 area of the job and like any officer who's partner was man's best friend, the incredible relationship they share is a bond that not many understand.  Adam discusses his time in training and caring for his partner in this weeks episode of Dog Blessed.

Beautiful Cedar Creek Township is the next stop for Fit and Healthy With Becky, brought to you by Trinity Health!  We took off to the area to help celebrate the incredible work they are putting in at their Township Park and to show you one of the first phases of the improvements which is a massive play and exercise area for kids.  It's tucked in a ways back behind the ballfields and green space and it's only the beginning.  The soon to be installed adult exercise equipment is on the grounds already and things are going quickly in Cedar Creek.

Every Woman's Place is our community resource for those who are victims of domestic and sexual assault.  We have been a long time partner with them and their purposeful work to assure that anyone who's a victim of this kind of violence is given the best care they can receive, as well as there's enough support and education out there to help those who wish to escape the situation or, put an end to it.  Sei Bella Tattoo and Spirit 33....well, it's a body art shop and spiritual and metaphysical shop and it's women owned and operated.  Bet you can see where this one is going.