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Muskegon County Senior Millage Podcast - Introduction


We've grown a nice relationship with the Muskegon County Public Health office and with that working relationship growing, we were asked to begin a project, thankfully, that's not focused on the urgent immediate news about the pandemic.  Those reports will continue to happen, however the County has another HUGE program happening that some kinda know about, some have maybe heard of and some might not have the foggiest idea about the who what, where why and when of what's going on.  Well, on the first and last Friday of every month, we're going to work to change that!


The Muskegon County Senior Millage was established a few years ago and it offers an extensive list of helpful ways for our older community members to benefit from this millage.  It's funded by the tax payers, it's controlled by the County Board of Commissioners and Senior Resources of Muskegon handles making the grants and helping make the programs happen.  From educational opportunities, safety seminars to providing food for both take home and in congregate settings, there are endless ways for seniors to benefit and making sure what we've all set aside for them is getting the most use....well that's why we're here.

Lisa Tyler is with Senior Resources and this week, it's a get to know you overview of the program and how it works.  Some info about how it all began and how it's grown.  We even have a little example of Cedar Creek Township putting some of their Senior Millage funding to work helping the area fire departments that serve their area.

Take a listen, we hope this series is insightful, informative and enjoyable.  We have every intent of showing you the Senior Millage in motion as opposed to just talking about it, so stick with us throughout the year and make sure you take advantage of all that's offered for you or maybe for your aging parents, grandparents or friends.


Off we go! These video clips will be going to social media groups first and then stored here on our site. We love the fact that through the close knit groups here in Muskegon we can get to every corner of the county pretty quickly with the direct information and then have this as a back up if people need more or can't find what they were looking for. We'll see you toward the end of February with our second visit. Thanks to Lisa Tyler for being a part of the show!  For more information, click on the Senior Resources Photo below to visit their site.

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