Mon, Jun

The Muskegon County Senior Millage - A Web Series - LoveINC Builds Ramps


We continue this week with our series on the Muskegon County Senior Millage and how it's work reaches out to help the older population in Muskegon County with things in a number of ways that may slip under the radar due to the size and scope of all that's included in the millage which was voted into place back in 2016 and is managed by Senior Resources of West Michigan to help assure the funding goes where it's needed.  We are very fortunate to be in a community that places such value in our older residents and making sure that all that's invested is used, well, that's kind of the goal with this series.


This week, Lisa Tyler who is the Communications Director of Senior Resources explains Love in the Name of Christ and their work in Muskegon to help make homes accessible for older people with mobility issues.  As we age, things like steps..well, they can be a problem.  Legs are tired, sometimes a mobility device like a wheelchair or a scooter is needed and the cost of a ramp on a home is prohibitive of someone being able to get in or out.  Not only is this a threat in an emergency situation, it can also lead to a myriad or problems like isolation, loneliness and avoidance of necessary things like doctor visits or trips to the store for food.  When we're younger, we quite take for granted how easy it is to get around, as we age, the reality is we find out.  


It's a great community that takes care of it's people and through the Muskegon County Senior Millage we do just that. If you'd like more information about the LoveINC Ramp Building ministry give it a click. If you'd like more information about the Muskegon County Senior Millage you can visit their site by clicking below.