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Food Trucks at the Muskegon Farmers Market - Celebrate Summer Every Month

Muskegon Metro Area News

Everyone looks forward to Wednesday because it’s the middle of the week and you are that much closer to the weekend. Well I have something else for you to look forward to. Once a month for the next three months there will be a Food Truck Rally downtown at the Farmers Market. Make sure to mark these dates on the calendars so you don’t miss out, June 26th, July 24th, Aug21st from 5-8pm.

This event Is a family friendly event. You will be able to dance to the live music, try all of the awesome local and West Mi. cuisine and the children will be occupied with activities for all ages. Each of the tickets are $1 each with the total prices varying depending on the truck. You will be able to purchase your tickets from one of the ladies roaming through the market or at the market window. The Womans Division Chamber of Commerce is going to bring back the dance floor for you to boogie the night away.  I met up with Ann Meisch from the City of Muskegon to learn a little more and find out about who's coming for the entertianment portion of the evenings, take a listen.

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If you need more information please visit the Muskegon website linked in the photo below . I hope that I get to see you there.