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Veterans Job Fair at the LC Walker Arena June 13th in Muskegon

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We've got a very active and very people centered Department of Veterans Affairs in Muskegon County.  The VA can be a very difficult system to navigate and quite often the struggles result in veterans not getting the services they are afforded for their service.  Luckily for us, we have a staff that not only helps to make sure the necessities are met, they go above and beyond when it comes to some human services not needed.  Things like food pantries, support groups, extended services and even special events like the Veterans Job Fair presented by Goodwill Industries on June 13th. 

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The LC Walker Arena is the venue where employers will converge and be looking to hire.  It is a veterans job fair, but it is open to the public and it gets underway at 10a.  You'll find employers from all kinds of fields and maybe some from fields you never considered you might work in.  It's best to come prepared.  Bring resume's, bring a great attitude and bring your willingness to work.  You hear and see about how many people are hiring on the news all the time, it's up to you to take them up on it and get that job you've been after.

Michael Baauw and I sat down to talk about the job fair and who's going to be there.  Take a listen and then pack up and get ready for the job fair!  

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Veterans, these employers are looking for the skills you have.  Drive, determination, willingness to get the job done and achieve results.  It's a free event to Vets or anyone and participation is key in making sure the event continues in the future.  Stop down to the LC Walker Arena and see how you can get to work, or improve your current working situation.