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Lori Lundell of Lundell Farms: Loving Farming and Serving Community

Muskegon Metro Area News
Lori and husband, John, own Lundell Farms, right in the heart of a lovely forested setting in Muskegon County.  They wanted healthy food for their family, so they planted a garden. Next came the chickens. Then some pigs, turkeys, and lambs.  And that’s how Lundell Farms happened!
Lori says it their love of farming was the catalyst for going bigger. The thought was, why not do it full-time and let others in the community benefit too!  People can participate in the approach they use – Community Supported Agriculture (CSA), by paying for a “share” in the farm. This helps maintain farm operations, especially during the winter.  What CSA members get back is fresh produce from June through October.  People can also buy eggs, meat, and cut flowers.  Because the original reason for the farm was for healthy food, Lori emphasizes that even though the farm is not certified organic (a lengthy and complicated process), they do not use chemicals and antibiotics to raise their food.
A typical day on the sixty-acre farm begins with caring for the animals and then transitions to caring for the garden (just over one acre in size.) And, of course, there is time spent on social media, publicizing what’s at the farm, and happenings. The farm hosts occasional everts, such as holiday and spring open houses, and educational presentations, like  how to raise chickens.  This month something different is planned at the farm, sponsored by the Arts Council  of White Lake – A Plein Air Luncheon.  (Plein air is French for painting outdoors.)


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The event is for artists 18 years and older and will be held on Friday, August 30  from 10 a.m. to 3 p.m. Participants pay $35 and receive a farm-to-table lunch. The art piece(s) they create will be displayed at a Plein Air exhibit, at the Council’s Nuveen Center from September 3 to October 12.  The artists will also have an opportunity to win a People’s Choice Award worth up to $50 that will be presented at the exhibit reception, Monday, October 7, from 5:00 - 7:00 p.m.  Registrations are due August 23 and can be made on the farm’s website, by calling (231) 893-2524, or at the Arts Council of White Lake - Nuveen Center, 106 E. Colby Street in Whitehall.
Visit Nuveen Center - Arts Council of White lake at https://www.artswhitelake.org/ and Lundell Farms at http://www.lundellfarms.com/