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Get Your HS Diploma or GED and a CNA Certificate From MI Works and MCC

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We've seen a shift lately in what it takes to get workers in place, trained properly with the skills needed to get to work right away and make a difference for their company and community.  For years, all we heard was that no one was going anywhere without a 4 year degree from a prestigious university and a mountain of debt that would be a pretty heavy toll to pay for most of anyone's working life.  Then, a couple years ago, we heard that the skilled trades are in high demand and that you could get a job that pays more or better minus the debt.  Now, none of this is to say that you should take a quality education or anything and thumb your nose at it, we all need essential life skills and mastery of talents that will carry us through life, but life...it sometimes gets in the way and the best laid plans have to be but on hold for a while.  Sadly, that "while" can sometimes too, lead to never going back and finishing what you started and you never really get the chance to become who you wanted to.   

Well, what if you knew that right now, you have the opportunity through a very unique program offered through Michigan Works and Muskegon Community College to go back to get that diploma or GED and get a certificate to be a Certified Nursing Aid at the same time?  How's that for a jump start to a future?  It's a program being offered currently for those enrolled in adult education programs here in Muskegon, working toward the completion of that high school education and then on to the next level to become a CNA through Michigan Works.  Best part of it all.  Doesn't cost you a penny.  That's right.. it's free for those who qualify and you'll walk out ready to get to work and then on to the next level of education to maybe become an LPN, RN, Paramedic or any number of fields in the medical world.  The important thing is, that you call 231-332-3911 before September 9th to register!  

There are some in's and out's to qualify, and, time is short for this round of registrations, but, Kathy Rohlman of Michigan Works in Muskegon spells it all out for you in this quick chat!  Take a listen.

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Opportunity is knocking!! Open that door!  Don't let what was stand in the way of your future and don't let any preconceived notions about what it takes to get an education, or a great start on a path to a rewarding career stand in your way!  Get involved today and make a better future for yourself and your family.  The ball is in your court!  Call 231-332-3911 before September 9th and get yourself in the program.  For more on Michigan Works visit https://www.westmiworks.org