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Padnos Muskegon Benefiting Veterans All November - Help Out and Get Paid

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It was a great event to be a part of last year as Padnos Muskegon (formerly Shoreline Recycling) came to us to ask if we'd be be willing to partner with them on helping out the Muskegon County Department of Veterans Affairs with some of the things that they do that go so far above and beyond what's required of their services.  It was an even greater day when Kurt Aldreink got a hold of us again this year and asked if we'd return to help the push and spread the word so that Padnos Muskegon could again give a hand to some remarkably deserving folks the Vet's Affairs takes care of, as well as their customers who donate a little something who will be given a little incentive for their participation.

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Like last year, the Padnos customers are the key to this.  If you're bringing in a load of recyclable material that Padnos handles, bring in a canned good or two, up to 10 and for every canned good you'll get an extra $1 per ton on your pay out.  This also applies to personal care items too, like soap, toothpaste, deodorant etc.  The do have to cap it off at 10 items per ton, but don't let that slow down your generosity if you are able to give more.  Padnos will also be looking for a Veteran here in town who can use a night out and gifting them some tickets to a hockey game, dinner out and an overall relief from the day to day. 

Padnos as you may remember back to a couple months ago is undergoing some major renovations on their property.  They are located on Ottawa Street in Muskegon and they are one of the first places many see as they come in to town from the North.  With their long time presence here in Muskegon, and long standing building, the time had come for a major face lift and it's just now getting under way.  Don't let that stop you though.  As the work gets underway, watch it happen!  See the renewal happen first hand and help support a company deeply rooted in Muskegon and who places so much stewardship in it's people.  Business as usual for the customers of Padnos outside of a new spot for the scales and a temporary new spot to collect the cash for your recyclables.  

Kurt Aldreink and I sat down to go over this years canned goods drive and talk a little about the renovation again.  It might very well be the last piece of video ever filmed in the old building... take a listen.

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Love what Padnos does for our community.  Padnos helps reclaim finite resources, keeps the level of junk down in Muskegon and all surrounding areas while providing top dollar to their customers for doing what needs to be done anyway.  Add to that their commitment to making sure that our Veterans are taken care of in return for being willing to pay the ultimate price for all we know and love.... Padnos Muskegon is exactly the kind of company Muskegon should be proud of!  Make sure when you stop there in November you get that added bonus and even if you're not in the scrap world, stop in to Padnos and help the effort.  You can learn more about their renovation project if you click on the photo below!  It will take you to our story from a couple months ago when Kurt joined us for the announcement. 

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