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I Am Prepared. Period. Gaberielle Butterfield

Muskegon Metro Area News

 As I was scrolling through Facebook one night as many of us do. I came across a post from Shannon Glass about her amazingly thoughtful daughter Danica. you see this year Danica started the sixth grade this year. Most girls around this age start their cycle, Shannon wanted her daughter to be prepared, confidant and know how to handle it when it happens.


Shannon got an old Ipsy bag and filled it with supplies that her daughter would need. This gave Danica the idea to put together some more of these Period Prepared bags for other girls in her school. With the help from community members, friends and even Ipsy themselves these ladies were able to donate over 100 bags to local schools. Shannon said that they still had some supplies left over from filling their latest round of Period Prepared bags. Once this pandemic hit and shut down the schools, they heard that the local church was looking for donations. They were able to donate all of the sanitary products that they had left to them. danicaFollow I am Prepared. Period on Facebook

Shannon told me that she and her daughter would love to put together an event to donate and fill Period Prepared bags. We will provide all of the information for this event when the time comes but until then you can visit the I am Prepared. Period. Facebook page now to find out how you can help their cause.

Take a listen to our chat below and learn a little more about Shannon and Danica's project.