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Our cameras were out on Friday, September 8th bright and early to help the United Way of the Lakeshore extend their arms as far as possible in the area during their 2023 Day of Caring which kicks off the campaign for their fundraising this year. 

It's a massive day with over 50 people coming from different companies all throughout our community to improve some areas in town, and the lives of some of our veterans in the Muskegon Area.  We were able to visit a few sites and show you the work going on, take a few minutes and watch the entire day unfold. 


The United Way of the Lakeshore is an incredible organization committed to helping the human service industry sustain in Muskegon.  They partner with so many of the groups that effect positive change in the lives of friends, neighbors and even our future with what they do for kids.  We're proud to work with the United Way to help share their work and their message and if you'd like to know more, or be involved VISIT THE UNITED WAY OF THE LAKESHORE ONLINE, or click on their image below to visit their site.  

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