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Muskegon's community of veterans is one that is taken care of to the best of our ability at all times.  The amount of time, treasure and talent spent on keeping those who were willing to make the ultimate sacrifice for all of us is remarkable in Muskegon as we are unique in the fact that not many other communities are used to coming together to make so much happen, with a very little bit to start with. September 27th, everyone focused on veterans will be together in one place.


Some of the Muskegon County Offices have moved into the Bake College Campus.  This includes the Muskegon County Department of Veterans Affairs and they are hosting their Job Fair and Stand Down event at the Student Center at Baker College on September 27th from 12n-4p.  Job fair is easily understandable, but what's a Stand Down?  We looked it up for ya.  A stand Down is an event offered to those retired from military service where more is offered than just a job fair.  Anything from food and clothing assistance to haircuts and resume writing will be available to our veteran community that day and to help open up the possibilities of both the benefits they are entitled to for their service as well as the opportunities they didn't know were out there for them to continue to succeed will be available,

This is an all hands on deck effort from many agencies that work together to provide.  The Muskegon County Department of Veterans Affairs is amazing in what they do for service people of all ages and when other places get involved the level of giving and assistance is an overwhelming thing to be a part of.  Veterans are offered free food on the day of the event as well as personal services that they might need a hand in.  Financial help, legal assistance, different ways of therapy, hygiene supplies and military surplus will be available to those who served.  Please bring your DD214. Vet ID or Military ID for the assistance.  Come prepared to be interviewed on the spot for potential jobs.  Resume in hand can't hurt and having a dressed up approach is a good idea too. This is open to anyone.  It's an incredible day. 

Joining me to talk about the experience are Dee Hatcher from the Muskegon Department of Veterans Affairs, Linda Anderson who's an organizer of this event and Sam Booker, retired from the Vietnam Era.  Magnificent company to help explain what the day entails.  


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