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We work in partnership with Trinity Health to bring you not only the news about what kind of medical services they provide in any number of specialties and even some of the "routine stuff".  We've also been able to show you some of the more "human" elements of the operation.  Looking back, especially during the pandemic, we got to feature a few the individuals who were given holiday baskets from the community and talk to them about their career and recognition, and how can we forget opportunities like meeting Rick Shaffer who's months long COVID battle saw him walk right out the door of the hospital on Sherman to his friends and family. 



Telling success and human interest stories are what we love best, and when the opportunity came along to tag along with one of their teams who work to hire people to work in our health system, we jumped at the chance HOPING that it might boil down to what happened, and as it all worked did.

We began a couple of weeks ago sitting down with the senior leadership of Trinity Health in Muskegon.  The President, Chief Nursing Officer as well as the Chief Human Resources Officer all shared what is specifically needed at Trinity Health in Muskegon and that's staff.  The whirlwind of the pandemic saw so much shifting in the medical field, it's been a national emergency to find new people to work and what's more, the people looking to get into the health care world, there's a shortage there too.  We feel the shortage here, because it's our community, but the reality is, the story is playing out everywhere.

The features ran, the count of those who RSVP'd to be at the event went up and the day of, like clockwork...there was a steady stream of those seeking employment and with that, the opportunity for advancement within Trinity Health and taking advantage of some of the remarkable benefits that are offered to their team members.  The lobby was filled with refreshments, the people coming in were a little quiet at first, but the anticipation and excitement did bubble over some and it made for a day of nonstop conversation among candidates. 

As the day drew to a close, big things happened.  5 or 6 people were offered jobs on the spot.  According to the team members in the HR Dept, that's a REALLY great day, which proves yet again.....when the call goes out in Muskegon, the needs are met.  You might think, 5 or 6?  That was right there and then.  There were plenty more walking out the door who heard "We'll be in touch Monday".  

To see the sense of accomplishment on the faces of so many is a way to fill your sails like no other.  Of all that were there, we picked 2 who were offered the job on the spot and asked if they could share some thoughts.  We hope that seeing their success brings a little joy to you.  After all Trinity Health is all about healing our community and bringing in team members who start off knowing that they were seen for their talents, as well as potential, that's an amazing start to a lifelong career.  You'll find the link to the TRINITY HEALTH WEST MICHIGAN CAREER PORTAL HERE.  Maybe it's your time to check out what's being offered so you can do your part for the long term health of all of us.  


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