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Mission for Area People is the kind of organization that I personally picture when it comes to a community based and truly heartfelt.  Located in the corner of a church in Muskegon Heights, right across from Muskegon Heights High School Mission for Area People focuses on those who might fall through the cracks of some other charities.  Don't get me wrong, Muskegon is still by far and away the best when it comes to fulfilling need, but Mission for Area People comes up with things like some assistance with rent when the funding is available.  Maybe a medical hand with some doctor bills or prescription costs.  Maybe it's new clothes, the healthy food pantry, the list goes on and on.  Serving with humble hearts and humble working environments sure makes Mission for Area People tug at the heartstrings.  They are unique in the idea too, that they don't want teens to be forgotten when it comes to the holidays. 


Teen Town is a program that began with Mission for Area People (MAP) a while back.  Bobbi Stratton is newer to MAP and joins today to explain the program.  The abundance of giving for tykes, toddlers and pre teens is immense.  However, as kids grow, they should still feel that magic of the holiday season that "Santa" provides.  Now, if you are on the side of those who don't believe....let me remind you.  Santa is very real and he's in every one of us in some form or fashion.  Teens may not think there's a guy in a red coat coming down their chimney anymore, but that heart of Christmas should still be a whisper to them that they come from a community who cares for and believes in them. 

What's needed?  Hoodies, personal care items.  GIFT CARDS to go in bags filled with other items of joy.  Personal care items for both men and women.  Non perishable or freezer ready food is always important.  Warmth!  Blankets, coats, gloves and boots that are teen size.  Maybe some jewelry?  Maybe it's a toy you always wanted and didn't get, but you'd like to see some one get one?  You'll find a complete list and QR code for more information if you FOLLOW THIS LINK TO THE MISSION FOR AREA PEOPLE WEBSITE.  

You do need to stop in to their location at 2500 Jefferson Street in Muskegon Heights and fill out a request for a teen gift package.  It's a simple form and won't take but a minute.  Stop a moment and think of this however.  Preteens and Teens.  These are the people we're looking at to continue to put roots down in Muskegon to maintain stability.  If we give them every chance possible to believe that they come from a community that is truly good, and that they can build a future here, and it was one random act of kindness that helped them make up their mind.  We've gained a very big positive.  It's the belief in our youth that will bring forth the future and MAP and the Teen Town program never forgets those kids, who are about to make some long term, life decisions.  Please help if you can. 

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