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It's already that time.  As we watch the news, some of us nightly, others around the clock, the primary's, caucuses, election ads and all that comes with a Presidential Election year is upon us.  In Muskegon, we're really not all that far off from casting our first ballots in the primary elections at the end of February.  There will be multiple ways to vote and with all that has gone on over voting over the last few years, there's no better way to get the straight up 4-1-1 from the County of Muskegon Clerk herself, Karen Buie. 



Karen, simply put, is a community treasure.  She left her public life for a while to work in the airline industry and see all that this world has to offer.  Her time before that included both a prior run as the Muskegon County Clerk and in city government as well.  She's an active member of her church and making the office of the Clerk more accessible to those who need their services is the goal in 2024.  From making the office mobile to get out to communities that might not be able to get to her, to finding new ways that her office can provide help to get people on the right track, it's a full court press.  

One of the key areas that she and any other clerk are being very meticulous about in their preparation of is the election cycle this year.  To assure a safe and accurate vote, there will be a 9 day in person voting window open before the February 27th.  You can vote on the 27th in person.  The 9 days before that you can vote in person at the County Building on Marquette.  Every municipality in Muskegon County is participating with the exception of Dalton and Holton.  You will have to find out from them how they are handing the 9 day in person voting opportunity.  Like any other election, it's going to be fully staffed and all of the inspectors will be on hand to make sure there's no monkey business.  You can easily vote absentee if you prefer as well, or as many will vote on the 27th.

The consolidation of voting is to save all of our smaller municipalities up to $20k-$30k each.  Each municipality will provide a schedule of workers to help make this centralized spot work efficiently and with the work of Karen and the Muskegon County Board of Commissioners, this plan is getting the county a 100% reimbursement on the cost of making this election happen, and when the model is shown to work, it can be expanded in to more locations county wide.  This is an amazing solution to the necessity to help those who want to vote in person! 

You will find a great experience at the MUSKEGON COUNTY CLERKS OFFICE.  If you have any questions or concerns, please use that link to contact Karen or any of her staff.  They will be more than happy to help assist you in anything you need!


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