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We're in the position with the help of Tabono Law and Scherdel Sales and Technology to be able to help out the organizations in our area that benefit those among us who might have a need.  Be it food, shelter or assistance in some other way, the ability of Muskegon to circle the wagons around purposeful organizations that are a staple to the lives of so many is one of our signature assets in this community.  It's just part of our core values to be a oart of that.  We are pleased to be able to give MOKA $1000 for their work with those who are physically or developmentally or intellectually challenged. 


From the MOKA website - "MOKA was founded around the vision that people with intellectual and developmental disabilities would be fully included in our communities. We see endless possibilities to empower people to build relationships, make life choices, increase confidence, and contribute back to the community."  They focus on housing, programming that gets people involved in their community and gives them the ability to see in themselves that they can be a part of just about anything.  There are employment opportunities, social events and of course a network of support, but there's another level of MOKA that is the greatest piece. 

The human connection is the biggest part of MOKA.  The realization that no matter our "wrapper" or our abilities, within all of us lies humanity, and we are all more the same than different.  Unconditional love is what you generally find in a group with MOKA.  In Muskegon, MOKA shares a building with Tabono Law and daily, they get to see it in action.  The joy of connection, the friendship and the comradery spill over in abundance and if you are participating with them, the level of acceptance is immediate.  The gift of joy you find instantly is an amazing testimony to all we have within us if we only pause for a moment and let our guard down.

MOKA operates in Muskegon, Ottawa and Kent Counties and their reach continues to grow with innovative and amazing ways to be a part of the lives of so many.  If you'd like to help support MOKA too, CLICK HERE to visit the MOKA Foundation site and help if you can.  



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