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 Back in 2022 on Positively Muskegon we introduced you to Jeff Steele and shared the story of he and his wife and their work fostering and adopting.  Their family numbers 13 at the time of the story and while we didn't get a head count this time, there was more to come when we left Jeff and the time is now to show off the second step of the plan.  This is incredible work in action that's helping young people step by step learn independence and life skills they would otherwise be walking into, shall we a "cold call experience".


In foster care, there's a time when kids "age out".  It's when they have to take what they know and then move on with life.  It's also a pivotal time in a lot of kids lives that had the assistance of foster care but they didn't get to learn the basics like budgeting, meal planning, personal care with laundry and home keeping and more.  Seeing the challenges, Jeff and family began their journey with fostering and adoption and then decided that it was time to do a little more.  

The home they built in Muskegon, to accommodate the masses, it was on a piece of property already zoned for multiple units.  Phase two of Jeff's mission is to help young adults transition into what life is like and help prevent the homelessness that's quite often seen when young people take off into the great wide open.  The first of the duplexes that are being build adjacent to the family home will have a public open house on March 23rd.  The duplexes are going to serve as starter apartments that will gradually step up rent for the younger people in them and help them establish things like rental history, credit, positive habits in home management and discipline.  The model being created gets away from the "hand out" that so many fear, and even more so, so many get trapped in..of living on what's given and seeing their own personal value diminish.  This is a step by step way to accomplishment that will assure solid footing and internal confidence to help those who have already had a hard enough start.

If you'd care to join the celebration and see the work that's happening, please set aside some time March 23rd between 1 and 5.  287 Shonat is the location and you can CLICK HERE TO LEARN MORE ABOUT THE EVENT

If you would like to learn more about Kids Belong, PLEASE CLICK HERE TO VISIT THEIR WEBSITE

See our first visit with Jeff on Positively Muskegon

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