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It's going to be an awesome event once again in Downtown Muskegon as Muskegon Community College presents STEAM Along the Lakeshore May 4th 2024.  It's basically a take over of the downtown footprint as kids and families will be able to come down and learn about science, technology, engineering and mathematics.  Since Scherdel is all about all of the above and Tabono Law happens to have been founded by one of the members of the MCC Board of Trustees, we couldn't wait to send another $1000 their way to help. 


From their Facebook Event Page - "STEAM Along the Lakeshore is a free family fun event in downtown Muskegon, Michigan that promotes STEAM learning in the community. Participants will be given a map to visit activity booths in Hackley Park, Hackley Public Library, Lakeshore Fab Lab, Muskegon Museum of Art, and Muskegon Museum of History & Science. Each STEAM activity is different at every location and is sure to be a fun and educational experience to remember."  It's a day filled with opportunity to visit so many amazing places in Muskegon and get your hands on experience based learning opportunities to spark some interest in what could be the next amazing mind to create the next thing we don't know we need quite yet, or...maybe they refine something that's already here and will improve the world for thousands, maybe millions?  

Learning today isn't quite what most of us remember.  Sitting there with your nose buried in some book while a teacher drones on and on?  Gone.  It's about engagement, excitement and seeing results that kids are inspired to dig in a little deeper and as we work toward more technology in so many areas, to invest in them early on is the key.  STEAM Along the Lakeshore opens the entire area up between Hackley park and Western Ave to immerse the kids in a fun and educational "scavenger hunt" where they can visit different stations to learn what's being offered and then move on to the next while earning an entry for a prize.  Of course, all the kids get a swag bag while supplies last and there's no requirement to complete all the steps, but....hey...what's not to enjoy if you have the chance.  

We're happy to put $1000 toward the cause and if you'd like to support his incredible effort as well, keep in mind one thing.  Investing in our's never a wasted penny.  If you look at how the educational opportunities have shaped up over the last few years in Muskegon, it's a STUNNING view of a growing understanding in the importance of fostering our futures.  Here's a little cultural tidbit to add in to all of this science and math talk. "There is a tribe in Africa called Masai whose traditional greeting to each other is “Casserian Engeri.” It means, “And how are the children?” They do not ask each other, “How are you?” or “How's your day?” but rather they ask about the next generation."  Believing in the next generation?  That's believing in ourselves.  

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