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Getting to know a few of our area doctors this week through our partnership with Trinity Health Muskegon has been an interesting look at the people who practice medicine here, and what brought them to Muskegon along with what started them in the pursuit of a career in the field of health care.  Today, we're meeting Dr. Heidi Suidinski whose work in the Emergency Room began years ago when she realized she had a keen interest in science and then followed the path to become a physician.  In her practice, she's seen a lot of change and today, she shares some of that along with the necessity to help grow the medical community after some years of loss due to the pandemic and the overwhelming shifts that came to the entire medical field. 


A resident of Rockford, Dr. Suidinski makes the commute to Muskegon where she's been a staple for over 10 years.  I too made the commute when I first began and the reality is that Rockford and Sparta (where I am from) are equally accessible to Muskegon as Grand Rapids is.  In fact, a drive to Muskegon from that area is much more picturesque and relaxing than a freeway full of people going 100 miles an hour on the way to work, but I might have a bit of an opinion.  Heidi is part of the team with Lake Michigan Emergency Specialists and is the Chair of Emergency Medicine for Trinity Health Muskegon.  

One of the key priorities for her work is to help make the process for Emergency Medicine work in Muskegon.  From the moment a patient arrives and they are visited quickly in the triage area, the process begins on a number of levels.  First is the urgency of the case.  Anything can happen in an ER and priorities can shift in an instant.  There's an entire team working however.  From the moment your vitals are taken quickly until you get to see a Dr. more than one person is helping determine the level of care needed and the urgency of the matter.  There's an important factor to keep in mind too.  The idea that an emergency to someone coming in could be the scariest moment of their lives and that it's up to the team of health care workers there to remember that part as well, for the patient and family.  Bringing in compassion and care is an essential part of any healing endeavor.

Mom duties take over when Heidi isn't here patching up problems or helping other young doctors learn their way.  Her care and compassion can transcend generations as she helps influence more who have chosen health care and made Muskegon part of their journey.  We do talk briefly about the Trinity Health Muskegon "Growing Our Own" educational opportunity which is affording local students amazing hands-on learning opportunities through the extern program and other entry level positions. 

We're very thankful for the support of Trinity Health Muskegon and to Dr. Suidinski as well for a chance to learn a little more to day and hope that National Dr.s Day might include some R&R for Heidi over by the dam in Rockford or maybe at the World Famous Corner Bar for a hot dog or two!  

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